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Convert your long video into viral short videos in 1 minute.
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QuickReel is an AI-powered platform designed to assist creators in repurposing their lengthy videos into shorter, more engaging content that significantly boosts engagement and viewership.

Users can simply paste the link of their YouTube video or directly upload it to QuickReel to launch the creation process. Leveraging an advanced AI, QuickReel condenses longer videos into succinct 60-second reels that retain the essence of the content while becoming more appealing to the viewer.

The platform removes the stress of video editing, ensuring attention-grabbing content is easily produced. After processing, the final reel can be downloaded in 1080p quality with a single click, ready for sharing across various platforms.

Notable features include AI-generated clips, auto cropping, auto subtitles, AI title and description creation, social media previews, and 1080p downloads.

QuickReel is touted for its user-friendly interface and the quality of its output, offering content creators a stress-free solution to create and share short form content.


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Pros and Cons


Generates 60-second videos
Auto cropping feature
Provides auto subtitles
1080p downloads
User-friendly interface
Social media previews
No video editing stress
Single-click download
High-quality output
Increases engagement
Boosts viewership
Content repurposing assistance
Allows direct YouTube link uploads
Retains content essence
Direct upload feature
Effortless content creation
Single-click social sharing
Time-saving tool
Flexible pricing plans
Live support for PRO users
Dedicated account manager for PRO+


Only supports YouTube videos
Fixed 60-second reel length
Lacks video editing control
Doesn't support other video lengths
No multi-language subtitle support
Limited auto cropping options
No customizable output settings
Limited to 1080p output quality
Lacks robust analytics features
Requires video upload or link


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Can QuickReel be used for professional content creation?
What platforms can I share my QuickReel videos on?
Does QuickReel have a free trial?
What are the pricing plans available for QuickReel?
What kind of support does QuickReel offer?

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