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Scene is a no-code website builder with AI assistance at every step—from refining briefs to generating wireframes and writing sample copy. It simplifies collaboration between designers and non-designers, helping you create beautiful websites in half the time.

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Scene was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 9th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


All-in-one web workspace
Streamlines whole design process
Automates refining website briefs
Handles competitor research
Generates wireframes
Drafts web copy
Fosters visual co-creation
Unified space for collaboration
Adaptable block system
Designs for all screens
One-click publishing
Ensures design fidelity
User feedback considered
Free and premium plans
Unlimited project creation
Unlimited version history records
Hosting on custom domains
Enables easy scalability
Client onboarding feature
Internal communication tools
Tool for non-designers
Version history records
Continuous improvements
Reflects different user needs
Develops and agrees on briefs
Keeps client's feedback organized
Facilitates note-taking and commenting
Offers industry standard editing
Integrated tracking layer
Full-library access
Publishes on custom domain
Ever-growing library of blocks
Web design process management
Adaptable responsive design
Automated web copy crafting
Helpful for brainstorming and ideation
Creative team collaboration
Transparent hosting costs
Free site hosting on
Affordable premium hosting service
Early adopter benefits
Community involvement through Slack



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What is the scope of Scene's free vs premium plans?
How does Scene gather user feedback?
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Is Scene suitable for designing responsive websites?
How can Scene help with competitor research for my website idea?
What assistance does Scene provide in drafting web copy?
Does Scene offer a version history for each project?
Can Scene assist with brainstorming during the design process?
Can clients propose changes within Scene's workspace?
Can I use Scene to develop website briefs?
How does Scene's AI, Muse, help refine website briefs?
What kinds of tasks can Muse handle during a website's concept to deployment process?
Can Scene guarantee the fidelity of design upon website launch?

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