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Transform project ideas into actionable tasks instantly
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Storylist is a project management tool, specially designed to transform project ideas into actionable tasks instantly, thus streamlining the process of communicating project vision to your development team.

The primary focus of this AI-powered tool is generating user stories based on given project ideas and requirements, hence providing a user-friendly platform for non-tech founders to seamlessly share their project thoughts.

Storylist offers task planning features that automatically estimate project timelines and budgets, making it a suitable fit for solopreneurs and freelance developers.

The interface enables efficient team collaboration by allowing members to be added for effective participation. A highlighted feature of this tool includes the generation of a shareable public link of your project boards, enabling easy communication of project requirements with external parties.

For better coordination with developers, tasks can be automatically synced with GitHub. Storylist allows one to shift from project conception to execution speedily by instantaneously generating user tasks.

Storylist was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 20th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Transforms ideas into tasks
Generates user stories
Non-tech founder friendly
Estimates project timelines
Estimates budgets
Facilitates team collaboration
Shareable project boards
Tasks sync with GitHub
Speedy project execution
Efficient communication platform
User friendly interface
Suitable for freelancers
Good for solopreneurs
Publically shareable project links
Automates task planning


No mobile app
Limited free version
No integrations besides GitHub
No offline functionality
Low maximum issue limit
No multi-language support
Not suitable for large teams
No built-in chat feature


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Does Storylist sync tasks with GitHub?
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What does 'instantaneously generating user tasks' mean in Storylist?
How user-friendly is Storylist?
What is the process to add team members to my project in Storylist?
How can I share my project requirements with external parties using Storylist?
Does Storylist have any special features for collaboration?
What is the pricing for Storylist?
Are there free and paid versions of Storylist?
Can Storylist generate user stories based on project ideas?
What is the maximum number of automatically generated issues allowed in the free version of Storylist?

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