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Create a team of AI Agents to automate workflows.
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Bahama is an AI Automation platform that allows users to create a team of AI Agents to steer automated workflows. It synthesizes various AI models with pre-existing data, tools, and services, enabling users to complete meaningful work without coding.

These AI agents can assume roles such as researchers, sales agents, copywriters, or managers to execute tasks effectively.The platform relies on 'Flows' which are sequential AI workflows that progress towards a final result with each step building on the last one.

It provides a framework that ensures repeatable outcomes and aids in automating knowledge-based tasks such as research, financial analysis, content publishing, or customer service.With Bahama, users can link their AI agents to real-world tools, software, and services to carry out work.

The platform also hosts an internal knowledge base to acquaint AI agents with needed data for taking informed action on specific projects. This could include support documents for an AI customer service agent, a readme for an AI code reviewer, or product specifications for an AI sales agent.An application example of Bahama is it being used to automate sales outreach by researching leads and drafting custom sales emails at the touch of a button.

Currently, Bahama is in private beta with ongoing bidding for early access to its innovative features and workflows.

Bahama was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 13th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


No coding required
Seamless integration with services
Effective task execution
Ensures repeatable outcomes
Automates knowledge-based tasks
Offers internal knowledge base
Support for varied projects
Automates sales outreach
Researches and drafts emails
Private beta access
Builds intelligent workflows
Modular, step-by-step framework
Improves performance over chatbots
Provides real-world tools to agents
Access to third-party integrations
Provides data for informed decisions
Automates investment analysis
Automates customer service
Connects to Google Sheets


Private beta status
Limited third-party integrations
Bidding for early access
Potentially high learning curve
Ambiguous error handling
Lack of customization options
Potential data privacy issues
Over-dependence on 'Flows'
No apparent scalability structure

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