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Pocket-sized AR for imaginative hackers.
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Brilliant Labs' Frame AI Glasses are part of an open-source ecosystem aimed at aiding developers and creatives in reimagining the future. These glasses are designed to provide 'AI superpowers' to the wearer, such as visual analysis of the world around you, and are powered by OpenAI and their Whisper technology.

This allows the wearer to translate what they see and hear in real-time, blending digital and physical realities. The glasses also have the capacity to search the web for visuals in the wearer's field of view.

The Frame AI Glasses encourage modification, hacking, and building, inviting the boldest ideas to augment their functionality. They are fully open-source and invite the wearer to modify the tool according to their own needs and preferences.

Brilliant Labs provides ongoing developer resources and documentation and hosts a community of hackers, tinkerers, and artists through their dedicated Discord channel.The company's other tool, Noa app, is designed to pair with the Frame glasses, enhancing navigational capabilities and fostering a better understanding of the world the wearer navigates.

The Frame AI Glasses represent a reimagining of eyewear for the Artificial Intelligence era, serving as a key tool in Brilliant Labs' mission to deepen understanding and foster creativity through open-source technology.


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Pros and Cons


Open-source ecosystem
Real-time visual analysis
Whisper technology integration
Real-time translation
Digital-physical reality blend
Web search capability
Encourages hacking and modification
Customizable according to needs
Ongoing developer resources
Subscription to hackers' community
Pairs with Noa app
Enhanced navigational capacities
Offers eyewear reimagination
Pocket-sized AR
Full MIT license
Available developer docs
Community on Discord channel
Continuous feature updates
Open to creative ideas
AR lens and Micro OLED
Optional prescription lens
Threaded stud for attachments
Compatible with optional battery


Requires technical expertise
Open-source security concerns
Real-time translation imperfections
Heavy reliance on Whisper technology
Potential privacy issues
Lack of commercial support
Needs connection for web search
Dependent on Noa app pairing
Comfort and usability issues
Battery life concerns


What are the Brilliant Labs Frame AI Glasses?
How do the Frame AI Glasses use OpenAI and Whisper technology?
What does it mean that Frame AI Glasses offer 'AI superpowers'?
What is the purpose of the Noa app that pairs with the Frame Glasses?
What does 'open-source' mean in the context of the Frame AI Glasses?
How can the Frame AI Glasses translate sight and sound in real time?
How does the web search function work in the Frame AI Glasses' field of view?
What sort of modifications can be made to the Frame AI Glasses?
How does Brilliant Labs support developers with resources and documentation?
What does it mean that the Frame AI Glasses blend digital and physical realities?
What benefits do the Frame AI Glasses offer to artists?
How can I join the Brilliant Labs Discord community?
Are there any guidelines or boundaries for hacking the Frame AI Glasses?
How does the Noa app enhance the wearer's understanding of the world?
Can I use the Frame AI Glasses to analyze visuals?
What are some examples of how the Frame AI Glasses can augment reality?
Where can I find Brilliant Labs' open-source code, and how can I use it?
How does Brilliant Labs use 'whisper technology' in the Frame AI Glasses?
Does the Frame AI Glasses' web search only work with certain browsers or websites?
How can the Frame AI Glasses help creatives in reimagining the future?

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