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Harness AI for professional, SEO-optimized content writing.
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ContentGT is an AI content writing tool specifically designed for SEO purposes. The tool uses advanced AI to generate professional, audience-specific content within minutes.

It offers the ability to produce articles of extensive length, enabling users to cover a broad range of niches. The tool is highly focused on ensuring the output is of high quality and well-structured to engage and retain readers.

Additionally, it enhances the value of the created content by including relevant images and videos from available stock resources and YouTube. This delivers more engaging and informative articles.

ContentGT also offers autoposting and scheduling features for seamless integration with WordPress blogs, making blog management more effortless and efficient.

Users can customize content to target a specific audience, preferred style, and SEO needs. It allows the specification of custom keywords and language preferences.

Also, it offers word count flexibility for content customization. Supported by language flexibility feature, the tool is equipped to cater to a global user base with diverse linguistic needs.

Additional blogging integration facilitates automated posting to popular platforms like WordPress, making content dissemination more effective.


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Pros and Cons


SEO-focused content creation
Audience-specific content
Content generated within minutes
Produces extensive length articles
High-quality output
Well-structured writing
Incorporates images and videos
Autoposting to WordPress
Scheduling features
Content customization
Custom keyword specification
Language preference setting
Word count flexibility
Blogging integration
Global user base catered
Affordable pricing models
Generates professional writing
Automated article writing
Free trial available
WordPress Integration guides
Support for multiple languages
User-friendly interface
Automated content dissemination
Scheduled autoposting
Relevant asset inclusion
Content strategy matching
Automated SEO optimization
Tailored SEO needs
Content history tracking
User support features


Limited to SEO content
Dependent on stock resources
Limited customization options
Only supports WordPress
No API for integration
Niche specialisation unclear
No real-time collaboration
Lack of other CMS integrations
Limited language preferences
Overemphasis on word count


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