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Turn old photos into lifelike videos.
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Deep Nostalgia AI is an advanced artificial intelligence platform that revives cherished still images by transforming them into lifelike videos. The tool primarily animates faces in photographs, thereby instilling a sense of life and motion into old family pictures.

Deep Nostalgia AI employs sophisticated machine learning algorithms to generate these animations, producing highly realistic, smooth and natural movements and expressions.

These include nuanced facial expressions, eye blinking and head movements. The tool ensures the videos retain the integrity of the original character, underlining its commitment to creating an authentic experience.

Applying this technology to your old photos has been made straightforward, requiring only the upload of your chosen photograph and then waiting a short interval for the tool to generate the animated video.

While a free version is on offer, premium plans are available which extend the utility of the tool through extra features and unlimited usage.


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Jul 12, 2024
Added 80 credits which is the basic price quantity. Tried a very small image and it came back ans said not enough credits. Then tried the free side and the video has been processing for 30mins and not finished yet. Said would be 2-5mins. Possible I'm not understanding what you can upload - tried a 136kb png?

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Pros and Cons


Turns still images into video
Animates faces in photographs
Produces highly realistic animations
Smooth and natural expressions & movements
Videos retain original character integrity
Straightforward photo upload and processing
Free version available
Offer premium plans with extra features
Fast photo-to-video conversion
Supports memory preservation
Digital restoration of family photographs
Real time processing of images
High character integrity in animations
Supports content creation from old photos
One free credit after login
Offers instant-access model
Maintains original appearance of individuals
Capable of animating facial expressions
Includes eye blinking and head movement
Processes images quickly for video generation
FAQs and examples available on platform
Continuous improvements to enhance tool
Can animate group photos
User-friendly interface
Cost-effective premium plans
Preserve family heritage digitally


Limited to face animations
No group photo support
Possible animation artifacts
Premium plan for unlimited usage
Slow processing for complex photos
Requires account creation
No real-time processing
Lack of detailed editing features


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How long does it take for Deep Nostalgia AI to animate a photo?
Are there any limitations to the types of photos that Deep Nostalgia AI can animate?
Is there any significant difference between the free and premium versions of Deep Nostalgia AI?
What specific facial expressions and movements can Deep Nostalgia AI animate?
Can Deep Nostalgia AI be used for professional content creation?
Is it possible to animate non-human faces using Deep Nostalgia AI?
What can I do if I'm not satisfied with the animated video produced by Deep Nostalgia AI?
Can I make adjustments or fine-tune the animations created by Deep Nostalgia AI?
How secure is it to upload photos on Deep Nostalgia AI platform?
How can I get more credits on Deep Nostalgia AI?
Does Deep Nostalgia AI offer any bulk or enterprise pricing plans?
What are the system requirements to use Deep Nostalgia AI smoothly?
Where can I see examples of animations produced by Deep Nostalgia AI?
What improvements are in pipeline for Deep Nostalgia AI?

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