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Boost your social media reach with relevant, AI-generated hashtags.
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Hashtag Guru is an AI-powered social media tool designed to facilitate the generation of relevant hashtags and captions. Used to optimize reach and follower engagement on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, it simplifies the posting process by suggesting personalized hashtags and captions based on a user's profile characteristics and specific post content.

On uploading an image or drafting a post, the app recommends a list of tailor-made hashtags and associated captions to enhance visibility and engagement.

Furthermore, it allows users to save their favorite hashtags and captions into collections for future use and quicker post generation. Besides this, the app can generate captions from uploaded images, including the customization of length, hashtag combination, and emojis.

There is also a language translation feature that utilizes AI to help users write captions in multiple languages, thereby expanding their global reach.

Users can suggest improvements directly to the development team, ensuring that the tool progressively adapts to meet their needs. Hashtag Guru is recognized for its role in streamlining the social media marketing process, automating content generation, and aiding users in connecting with a wider audience.


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Jul 7, 2024
Great app, it helped me reach more people with my posts, I noticed an increase in the number of likes of my posts after I started using this app. Highly recommend it.

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Pros and Cons


Generates personalized hashtags
Optimizes post visibility
Auto generates captions
User profile optimization
Language translation feature
Allows improvements suggestions
Programmed for Instagram and TikTok
Saves favorite hashtags and captions
Customizes caption length
Can include emojis
Collects hashtags and captions
Expands global audience
Directly contacts development team


Limited to Instagram, Tiktok
No analytical tracking
No batch processing
Lacks scheduling feature
No API provided
Limited language options
No multi-account management
No Desktop Version
No social media integration


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