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AI-powered domain name generator for your business.
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NameHassle is an AI-powered domain name generator designed to provide instant business domain name ideas. It enables users to search for unique and fitting names for their businesses, and check if the domain name is available immediately.

Apart from business names, a variety of additional generators are offered including blog, podcast, company, brand, store, and team name generators. The platform also serves as a social media username checker tool.

By utilising the power of Large Language Models (LLM), NameHassle generates the most relevant name ideas. In addition to name generation, it verifies domain and username availability across various platforms, checks if suggested names have been trademarked, and provides a free logo matching the purchased domain name.

NameHassle targets to help users secure a domain name that underscores their brands identity, ease the users' process of locating their businesses on the internet and enhance their websites chances of securing favorable rankings in search results.


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Pros and Cons


Instant domain name suggestions
Verifies domain name availability
Verifies username availability
Checks for trademarked names
Free logo generation
Social media username checks
LLM technology for relevance
Multiple name generators
Blog, podcast, company, store name generation
Enhances website ranking chances
Quick domain name availability
Specific branding tool
Multiple industry name generation
Handles domain purchase process
Seamless user-friendly process
Tailored domain extensions
SEO Optimized names
Incorporates popular keywords
Unlimited domain name suggestion
Automatic domain and username checks


Limited to English
Names not always coherent
Unpredictable results
Can't input business specifics
Guesses social media availability
Logo generator limited
Suggestions uneditable
Can't prioritize name features
Doesn't suggest available alternatives


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