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Making mental care accessible for all using AI.
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PokaMind is an AI-driven tool engineered to increase accessibility to mental care. Through integrating artificial intelligence and scientific understanding, the tool aims to democratize mental health services by making them more widely available.

Rather than being a substitute for professional help, PokaMind seeks to support and complement traditional methods of care, bridging gaps in mental health services, especially for those who find it challenging to access such support.

This digital platform focuses on mental wellness and cognitive health while embracing technological advancements in the AI field. PokaMind's features may vary, incorporating different elements of artificial intelligence such as machine learning and natural language processing.

However, users should note that they must enable JavaScript to fully benefit from PokaMind's solutions. The end goal of this solution is to provide a reliable, user-friendly tool that can spread awareness, educate, and offer guidance in mental health care.

It is important to note that while PokaMind may assist in managing mental wellness, it does not replace the need for professional mental health services when necessary.


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May 20, 2024
So so good, wish I found something like this sooner. The video journaling feature is a serious game-changer for those who struggle with articulating their emotions/thoughts in face to face scenarios - it makes venting so much easier! Really cant recommend it enough
May 19, 2024
Would recommend this to anyone. Writing things down is great, but being able to freely talk about it is even better. It gives you time to get it all out and a lot of times I feel better just by verbalizing issues out loud. I really appreciate that the report from the session reflects everything I've said in a structured way, so I don't have to worry about talking super coherently. It also provides useful insights and recommendations. The whole self-care topic has always sounded like a chore to me but I actually enjoy this.
May 19, 2024
I didn't realize how helpful it could be. It doesn't use a chat system, instead it uses audio and video which is way easier to help me vent about anything I want without overthinking whether I should talk about it or not. At first I thought it wouldn't understand much but it gives me an organized summary of the topics I talked about at the end which is crazy helpful for someone who goes on tangents and jumps from topic to topic. It also breaks down the emotions I felt during the session, and gives a skill to practice daily that would help with how to interact with the topics I talked about. Overall, amazed at the amount of features it provides
May 19, 2024
It's a very interesting approach to talk, not just write. Personally, I find it more comfortable because I find it easier to talk about certain issues or feelings than to write them down. I really enjoyed trying it out and will definitely use it again! Very useful part is that you get a detailed and professional but easy to understand information on skill development and psychological summary!
May 19, 2024
It was I really like the approach to the sessions. It felt uncomfortable in the beginning because I wasn't used to really talking out loud about my feelings but I once I got over that, it started feeling therapeutic.

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Pros and Cons


Increases mental care accessibility
Supports traditional care methods
Bridges gaps in services
Focuses on mental wellness
Focuses on cognitive health
Incorporates machine learning
Incorporates natural language processing
JavaScript enabled
User-friendly interface
Spreads mental health awareness
Educates on mental health
Provides mental health guidance
Democratizes mental health services


JavaScript must be enabled
Does not replace professionals
Variable feature set
Only complements traditional care
Democratization may vary
Not a standalone solution


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What kind of AI features does PokaMind incorporate?
Is PokaMind user-friendly?
How does PokaMind contribute to mental health education?
What tools or features does PokaMind offer for guidance in mental health care?
Can PokaMind assist me in managing my own mental wellness?
How has PokaMind bridged gaps in mental health services?
Is PokaMind a substitute for in-person mental health support?
What are the technological advancements PokaMind is embracing in the AI field?

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