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RewriteWithAI is an artificial intelligence tool designed to improve engagement on LinkedIn. The tool aids users in creating high-quality content by helping to refine and rewrite their original thoughts.

This ultimately supports the generation of more compelling and authentic replies and comments on the platform, aiding in growing a user's LinkedIn audience.

The tool supports uploading of users past content to follow the same tone of voice, as well as train the AI model with industry-specific knowledge to include this information when auto-generating replies.

Trusted by users involved in Sales, Marketing, Engineering, and Sustainability, this tool is effective for those looking to increase their daily activity and online interactions while maintaining an efficient workflow.

With the integration of this tool, users have reported a noticeable increase in their LinkedIn SSI (Social Selling Index) scores, reflecting their effectiveness in professional branding, networking, and relationship building.

The tool operates through a browser extension and requires connection to your account. To use RewriteWithAI, users must revise their thoughts with the aid of the tool and incorporate them into their LinkedIn comments or replies.

This tool emphasizes the creation of meaningful content and discourages the generation of automated or insubstantial comments.

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Pros and Cons


Improves LinkedIn engagement
Creates high-quality content
Refines and rewrites thoughts
Generates compelling, authentic replies
Supports growth of LinkedIn audience
Efficient workflow maintenance
Raises LinkedIn SSI scores
Improves professional branding
Aids in networking and relationship building
Operates through browser extension
Discourages automated, insubstantial comments
Refinement and enhancement of comments
Helpful in multiple sectors: Sales, Marketing, etc.
Strengthens online interactions
Positive user reviews
Promotes meaningful content creation
Enhances personal sales tools
Effective marketing and engineering tool
Facilitates digital marketing
Easy setup process
Different pricing plans based on usage
Bolsters audience by generating unique content
User-friendly Web Editor Access
24/7 Email and Premium Support
Supports all common browsers
Security and compliance reporting
Allows content generation from scratch


Limited to LinkedIn platform
Requires browser extension
May lack language versatility
Quality varies per rewrite
Potential security concerns
Limited to comments/replies
Cannot generate original posts
Requires constant revision
Single social media focus


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How does RewriteWithAI operate?
What are the steps to use RewriteWithAI on LinkedIn?
Does RewriteWithAI support automated comments?
Can RewriteWithAI work with other social media platforms?
Do I need to connect my LinkedIn account to use RewriteWithAI?
Will this tool help me to refine my LinkedIn comments or replies?
Is RewriteWithAI useful for sales, marketing, engineering, and sustainability professionals?
Does RewriteWithAI function as a browser extension?
Has anyone noticed an increase in their LinkedIn activity by using RewriteWithAI?
What is the principle behind RewriteWithAI's operation?
Does RewriteWithAI discourage insubstantial comments?
Can I grow my LinkedIn audience using RewriteWithAI?
How can RewriteWithAI make my LinkedIn interactions more meaningful?
Is RewriteWithAI only focused on LinkedIn content creation?

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