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Putting your website through the wringer with AI vision models.
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Roast My Website is a unique tool primarily aimed at comprehensive analysis of websites. It leverages the Firecrawl tool to perform extensive web scraping and capture screenshots of the presented websites.

Once the website data is processed, it deploys advanced LLM (or similar) vision models for detailed examination. It provides a capability to 'roast' or critique the website in a detailed manner.

This 'roast' or evaluation can be adjusted based on user preferences, offering different levels of scrutiny: Mild, Medium, and Spicy. The product serves as a demonstrator of vision extraction and web scraping processes from the Firecrawl tool, providing insights into the efficiency and usefulness of these processes.

The source code of Roast My Website is publicly available through Github, encouraging transparency and user engagement. It should be emphasized that 'roasting' here is a metaphor used to convey the idea of rigorous analysis and should not be taken literally.

Overall, the tool combines the power of automated web data extraction with latest vision models to provide an in-depth critique of web design and functionality.


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Jun 10, 2024
fantastic definitely made me feel horrible about myself and ability as a front end dev. Thanks Roast My Website!
Jun 8, 2024
Lol, its good for a laugh for sure.
Jun 6, 2024
Sure, here’s a roast for this website: "Wow, this site is so basic, even Google might throw a '404: Creativity not found' error. That color gradient is trying so hard to be edgy, it’s practically doing parkour off my screen. And that input box is looking lonelier than a developer's social life on a Friday night. 'Roast my website'? With a design like this, you might want to start with a mirror!"
Jun 5, 2024
Makes me wanna cry. 100% recommend it

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Pros and Cons


Comprehensive website analysis
Uses Firecrawl for web scraping
Screenshot capturing capability
Advanced LLM vision models
Detailed website examination
Customizable 'roast' level
Insights into web scraping effectiveness
Publicly available source code
User engagement emphasis
Rigorous web design critique
Functional website assessment
Open-source technology
Efficient data extraction
Critical functionality evaluation
Different scrutiny levels
Github integration
Detailed website critique
Vision-extraction demonstration
User-preference based evaluation


Reliant on Firecrawl tool
Might miss subtle details
No direct user interface
No clear error handling
No control over 'roast' intensity
Dependency on LLM models
Limited customization options
No multi-language support
No performance metrics
Source code learning curve


What is Roast My Website?
How does Roast My Website use the Firecrawl tool?
What does the 'roast' in Roast My Website mean?
How can I adjust the level of scrutiny in Roast My Website?
What are the differences between the Mild, Medium, and Spicy levels on Roast My Website?
Is the source code for Roast My Website publicly available?
How does Roast My Website use LLM vision models?
What kind of data can Roast My Website extract from my website?
How can Roast My Website help improve my website's design and functionality?
Can I use Roast My Website without any understanding of web scraping or vision models?
Why is Roast My Website considered a demonstrator of Firecrawl's capabilities?
How should I interpret the analysis from Roast My Website?
Can I customize Roast My Website to suit my specific needs?
Where can I find the Github repository for Roast My Website?
How does Roast My Website process and use the data from my website?
What is the connection between Roast My Website and Firecrawl?
Can Roast My Website give me insights on my website's efficiency?
Is Roast My Website focusing only on website critique?
How frequently should I use Roast My Website for optimal results?
What is the use of LLM or similar vision models in Roast My Website?

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