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Generate short audio samples using text prompts.
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Stable Audio Open is an open source text-to-audio model developed by Stability AI. It is designed for the creation of short audio samples, sound effects, and other production elements using textual prompts.

The model's specific training makes it an excellent tool for generating diverse series of sounds, such as drum beats, instrument riffs, ambient sounds, foley recordings, and various other audio samples, contributing significantly to music production and sound design.

A unique aspect of Stable Audio Open is the user's ability to refine the model on their custom audio data. For instance, a drummer can adjust the model on samples of their drum recordings to create novel beats, enabling a personalized touch.

While Stable Audio Open excels in producing audio samples, sound effects, and production elements, it's important to note that it doesn't idealize generating extensive songs, melodies, or vocals.

Its primary objective is sound designing, thereby responsibly promoting generative AI. The model was trained on data from FreeSound and the Free Music Archive, ensuring respect for creator rights.


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Pros and Cons


Generates diverse audio samples
Useful for sound design
User-friendly interface for customizing sounds
Supports creation of drum beats
Allows creation of instrument riffs
Generates ambient sounds
Can generate foley recordings
Respects rights of original creators
Open-source, accessible to all
Model adjustable to user's data
Enables personal touch in sounds
Trained on FreeSound and Free Music Archive data
Model can utilize textual prompts
Generates up to 47 seconds of samples
Model specialises in short musical clips
Ideal for creating sound effects
Supports style transfer of audio samples
Weights available on Hugging Face
Contributions to open, responsible audio generation
Model can generate production elements
Optimized for generating short audio samples
Model allows high-quality audio data creation


Not for lengthy songs
Not ideal for vocals
Limited musical structure capabilities
Requires personal data fine-tuning
Limited to 47 seconds
Audio-to-audio generation absent
No coherent multi-part compositions


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Does Stable Audio Open respect creator rights?
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What is the difference between Stable Audio Open and other AI audio production tools?
Why doesn't Stable Audio Open generate extensive songs or melodies?
Is Stable Audio Open good for music production?
How can I provide feedback on Stable Audio Open?
How is Stable Audio Open promoting responsible generative AI?
What was the training data used for Stable Audio Open?
What sort of textual prompts does Stable Audio Open use for audio generation?
What all can I create using Stable Audio Open for sound design?
Where can I download Stable Audio Open from?
Who are the intended users of Stable Audio Open?

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