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Design powerful experiments with Synthace.
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Synthace is an advanced life science experiment platform designed specifically for R&D teams. It provides an array of functionalities that allows users to design comprehensive experiments and run them in their laboratory environments.

Crucially, this platform does not require any coding knowledge, making it accessible for all team members. Synthace is ideal for various research applications, including design of experiments (DOE) for assay development, media optimization, and purification process development.

Additionally, it supports multiple assays, including qPCR and ELISA, and molecular biology techniques such as DNA assembly. Within the platform, users can collect and structure experimental design data, results, and metadata, making data analysis and interpretation more streamlined.

The platform's dynamic automation feature permits substantial efficiency improvements by allowing iterative experiment adjustments and continual operation of laboratory equipment.

This platform broadens the scope of experimentation, enables high-throughput automation, and drastically shortens the time-to-insight in R&D processes.


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Pros and Cons


Specific for life science teams
Automatic dataset generation
No coding necessary
Supports qPCR and ELISA
Allows for media optimization
Useful for bioprocess development
Facilitates DNA assembly
Structured data from experiments
Powerful experiment design
In-app learning resources
Accessible to non-programmers
Broad life science application
Assay development via DOE
Purification process development
Efficient data handling
Time-saving automation
Iterative experiment adjustments
High-throughput experimentation
Speed data-to-insight process
Dynamic automation for efficiency
Protocol reproducibility support
Minimizes risk of human error
Supports complex experiments
Allows lab equipment utilization
Comprehensive data visualization


No coding might limit customization
Specific to life science industry
Dependent on lab environment
No mention of data security
Unverified automation efficiency
May not support all assays
Potentially high learning curve
Limited to R&D applications


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Can Synthace help in conducting experiments efficiently?
Does the Synthace Experiment Platform require any coding?
How can the Synthace Experiment Platform accelerate research and development processes?
What kind of assay development does Synthace support?
What kind of automated operation does Synthace's platform offer?
Can the Synthace platform streamline data analysis and interpretation?
How does Synthace provide continual operation of laboratory equipment?

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