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Deploy AI-assisted workflows with a low-code interface.
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Telnyx Flow is a low-code tool designed to deploy AI-assisted workflows through a drag-and-drop interface approach. It provides businesses with a solution to swiftly develop, iterate and manage AI workflows.

On top of its user-friendly UI, Flow operates using Telnyxs in-house infrastructure including dedicated graphics processing units (GPUs) and a private network setup, resulting in optimal performance.

One of the key features of the Telnyx Flow includes the ability to facilitate prompt AI responses while minimizing costs as it operates on Telnyx's owned GPUs.

Furthermore, Flow offers intuitive management of complex workflows without the need for coding expertise. It is also designed to integrate with Telnyxs existing Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) suite that aids the development of voice and messaging assistants.

On top of these, the platform allows users to leverage existing interactions and datasets for the enhancement of AI model performance. Telnyx Flow also supports many leading open-source Language Model Libraries (LLMs), thus allowing a wide range of model capabilities with a standardized Software Development Kit (SDK).

Finally, Telnyx Flow is designed to maintain compatibility and translates function calls across all supported LLMs, hence reducing the workload on the users side.

Telnyx Flow was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 7th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Low-code tool
Drag-and-drop interface
User-friendly UI
In-house infrastructure
Uses owned GPUs
Cost optimization
Complex workflow management
No coding expertise needed
Integrates with CPaaS suite
Supports voice and messaging
Utilizes existing datasets
Supports open-source LLMs
Standardized SDK
Calls translations across LLMs
Private network setup
Optimal performance
No intermediaries, no markup
Easy content integration
Automated content refresh
Training and fine-tuning
Consistent and low latency
Pre-built loaders
Rapid building, deployment
Works with recent LLM releases
Good infrastructure cost management
One-click deployment
Scalable solution
Ideal for next-gen apps
Automated workflow triggers
Capable of summarization & embedding
Compatible with global numbers
Forms part of Telnyx suite


Limited to Telnyx infrastructure
Possible latency in private network
Necessity for Telnyxs CPaaS integration
Dependency on Telnyx's owned GPUs
No mention of security measures
Relevance of open-source LLM support unclear
No information about multi-language support
Missing features compared to full-code solutions


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How does Telnyx Flow use existing interactions and datasets?
What open-source Language Model Libraries does Telnyx Flow support?
What are the benefits of the standardized Software Development Kit in Telnyx Flow?
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What is the process to set up Telnyx Flow?
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What is the no-code solution in Telnyx Flow?
How does Telnyx Flow handle AI and CPaaS?
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How does Telnyx Flow facilitate the training and fine-tuning of AI models?
What is the advantage of using Telnyx's infrastructure in Telnyx Flow?
How does Telnyx Flow ensure compatibility from the start?
How quickly can Telnyx Flow add support for new models?

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