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AI-powered Gantt Charts with Tom's Planner is a tool that uses openAI's ChatGPT to generate Gantt charts automatically. The user enters a brief description of their project and advanced options, such as the project's start date, duration, number of phases, and activities per phase.

The AI then generates a complete, pre-filled Gantt chart within two minutes. The tool provides examples of AI-generated Gantt charts, including those for professional projects, fun projects, and news headlines.

The developers of Tom's Planner use ChatGPT to create Gantt charts by asking the AI a series of questions, such as breaking down a project into several phases and naming each phase.

Tom's Planner also offers users the ability to create a new phase by breaking up an existing activity or ask the AI to add more activities to a group.

Users can adjust the activities in a project phase by giving the AI additional instructions or add a new phase to the project and ask the AI to fill it with activities.

Users can customize their Gantt chart settings, such as the number of main phases, the number of activities per phase, start date, duration in days, weeks, or months, and language.

The tool is designed to simplify project planning and management, allowing users to focus on executing their projects without worrying about creating a Gantt chart manually.


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Pros and Cons


Gantt chart generation
2-minute chart creation
Multi-project examples
Creates phases and activities
Advanced options
User modifiable charts
Multiple language options
Automatic project breakdown
Input for activity creation
Interactive tool adjustment
Customizable chart settings
Project expansion capabilities
Support for phased projects
Project detailing through activities


No offline functionality
Potential privacy concerns
Limited language options
Limited customization of phases
Limit on number of activities
Lacks real-time collaboration
Fixed structure for Gantt charts
No multi-project visualization
Limited activity adjustment


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Can I add a new phase to the project in Tom's Planner?
What is the role of ChatGPT in Tom's Planner?
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How to use AI-assist in Tom's Planner?
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