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Separate vocals from music tracks.
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Vocalx is a cutting-edge AI tool designed to separate vocals from music tracks. This is beneficial for music producers, DJ's, and other parties interested in remixes, audio sampling, or even karaoke.

To use this tool, users simply upload their selected audio track. The advanced AI algorithms of Vocalx then proceed to analyze the music, isolating individual sound elements and successfully extracting the vocal track.

This leaves a standalone instrumental track and a separate vocal track. Given its sophisticated AI technology, Vocalx is able to deliver accurate and crisp results, making it a reliable solution for getting quality vocal separations from any audio file.

The tool is highly user-friendly, needing only basic operational understanding for maximum utilization. While it requires JavaScript to run, it should be accessible through any standard web browser.

Please note, it's important to respect copyright laws and the rights of original artists when using Vocalx for separating vocals from music tracks.


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Vocalx was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 13th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Separates vocals from tracks
Ideal for remixes
Useful for audio sampling
Great for karaoke
Sound isolation capability
Delivers standalone instrumental track
Delivers separate vocal track
Accurate results
Crisp sound quality
User-friendly interface
Requires minimal operational understanding
Accessible through standard browser
Instrumental creation ability
Advanced audio file analysis
Respects copyright laws
JavaScript required
Supports various music genres
Beneficial for music producers
Ideal for DJ utilization


Requires JavaScript to run
Browser-based tool only
No offline version
Doesn't offer sound editing
No API provided
No multi-track support
Potential copyright issues
User-friendly but basic
No mobile app
No batch processing option


What is Vocalx?
How does Vocalx work?
Why should I use Vocalx?
Who can benefit from using Vocalx?
Can Vocalx be used for karaoke?
What do I need to use Vocalx?
Can I use Vocalx on any web browser?
How do I upload a track to Vocalx?
Does Vocalx ensure a high-quality vocal and instrumental separation?
What is the AI technology behind Vocalx's performance?
Can Vocalx be used to create instrumentals?
What kind of audio files can I use with Vocalx?
Do I need advanced technical skills to use Vocalx?
What should I consider in terms of copyright when using Vocalx?
Can Vocalx be used for remixing and audio sampling?
Can DJ's use Vocalx for sound isolation in tracks?
What is the output of Vocalx after processing a track?
Will Vocalx work if JavaScript is disabled on my browser?
How reliable is Vocalx for music production?
Is there a limit to the size or length of the audio file I can upload on Vocalx?

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