Academic writing 01 Nov 2022
Writefull Academizer
Helps convert informal to formal academic language.

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Writefull's Academizer is a tool that helps users rewrite their informal language into formal academic language. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and has been trained to convert language from informal to formal.

To use the Academizer, users simply enter a sentence and hit 'Academize'. The AI then generates a formal version of the sentence.The Academizer is free to use and all text sent to and from Writefull's servers is encrypted.

It was created by Writefull's team of experts in AI/NLP and linguistics, and is designed to make the writing of academic texts such as essays, papers, and theses easier.

It is part of a suite of tools that also includes a Title Generator, Abstract Generator, and Paraphraser. The Academizer is easy to use, secure, and free to access.

It is perfect for students, researchers, institutions, and publishers looking to quickly and accurately convert their informal language into formal academic language.

Writefull Academizer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 19th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Converts informal to formal language
Encrypted text transfer
Free to use
Part of suite of tools
Easy to use
Great for academic writing
Great for students/researchers
Designed by linguistics experts
Helps create academic texts
Instant formal conversion
Data not stored after processing
Title/Abstract/Paraphraser also available
Helpful for institutions and publishers
Live examples provided
Fair use policy
Decent customer support
Designed with academia in mind
Reliable sentence rewriting
Highly secure tool
Doesn't store user data
Can be used unlimited times
Rapid translation to academic language
Informal language made academic
Associated with multiple academic services
Applies to essays, papers, theses
Built by former researchers
Resourceful for academic language improvement
Result suitable for any academic text
Complements other Writefull widgets
User-friendly interface
Trained on academic language dataset


No offline usage
Possibility of overuse restriction
Limited to academic writing
No mobile app
Unclear effectiveness measure
Potential misunderstanding context
No multi-language support
Dependent on internet connectivity


What is the main function of Writefull's Academizer?
How does the Academizer by Writefull convert informal language into formal academic language?
Is Academizer a paid tool or can I use it for free?
What are the steps to use the Writefull's Academizer?
Who are the target users of the Academizer by Writefull?
Is the data that I enter into the Academizer secure?
Who created the Academizer tool?
Is the Academizer part of a larger suite of tools by Writefull?
How does AI play a role in the functioning of the Academizer?
Does Writefull's Academizer require installation or can it be used online?
Do I need any technical skills to use the Writefull's Academizer?
What types of texts is the Academizer suitable for?
Can Academizer be used for writing academic theses and papers?
How fast does the Academizer generate a formal version of an informal sentence?
What's the difference between Writefull's Academizer and Paraphraser?
How has the Academizer been trained to convert language from informal to formal?
Is there any content that the Academizer is unable to process?
Do Writefull have a customer support for issues related to the Academizer?
Can Academizer handle texts in languages other than English?
Does the Academizer store the sentences I input into it?

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