Demand forecasting 2023-10-16
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ByAnja Tomsic
Predicting restaurant traffic, optimizing supply orders.
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Sample prompts:
Predict for Christmas week.
How much beer for a festival weekend?
Calculate wine order for July.
Estimate supplies for New Year's Eve.
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Order Estimator is a GPT that specializes in predicting restaurant traffic and optimizing supply orders. Developed by Anja Tomsic, this tool harnesses the predictive processing capabilities of artificial intelligence in forecasting future demand and aids in streamlining operations for restaurants.

It operates by triggering relevant calculations based on a variety of prompts such as extrapolating restaurant needs during festive seasons, estimating alcoholic drink supplies for specific events, and preparing for peak times like New Year's Eve.

The Order Estimator caters to specific queries and gives restaurants the optimal supply orders to keep up with anticipated demand. By providing these insights, it helps businesses minimize waste, maintain cost-effectiveness, and ensure customer satisfaction by maintaining availability of stock.

The user friendly nature of this tool allows restaurant owners or managers to communicate specific requirements and get predictions in a conversational manner.

It integrates seamlessly with the ChatGPT platform and requires ChatGPT Plus subscription for usage.


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