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RoboIP (by Wysebridge)

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IP Law Expert with MPEP Knowledge.
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Sample prompts:
What is the enablement requirement in patents?
How do I check if my design is patentable?
Can you explain 'double patenting'?
What constitutes prior art in patent law?
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RoboIP by Wysebridge is a GPT application designed to provide expert advice on intellectual property (IP) law with distinct knowledge of the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP).

As a specialized AI tool, RoboIP can assist users in areas of IP law and patents, with a rich understanding of MPEP information and patent law practices.

The GPT can answer various law-related inquiries, from understanding enablement requirements in patents, checking patentability of designs, explaining 'double patenting', to defining what constitutes prior art in patent law.

The interaction with RoboIP is chat-based, making it a useful tool for users seeking to understand complex patent laws without requiring expert knowledge.

As the application is built on ChatGPT, users will need a ChatGPT Plus subscription to access the tool. RoboIP's ability to offer insightful and precise advice helps users tackle their IP law concerns, simplifying the understanding and application of patent-related processes, policies, and terminologies.

Thus, RoboIP by Wysebridge can be considered a convenient, on-demand IP law expert tool to streamline the process of deciphering and navigating through the complexities of IP law and the MPEP.


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RoboIP (by Wysebridge) was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 18th 2023.
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