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Transforming conversations into knowledge.
GPT welcome message: Let's delve right into exploration.
Sample prompts:
What if we coined a term for...?
How can we encapsulate this idea?
Let's define a new concept for...
Can we create a word for this phenomenon?
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The Art of (Auto)Memesis is a GPT developed to facilitate creative and intellectual conversations. It primarily focuses on generating and exploring new concepts, coining new terminologies, and encapsulating complex ideas.

Users can engage in interesting discussions with this tool, enriching the thinking process and fostering innovation. By using this tool, one can delve into explorative conversations about various phenomena, encouraging out-of-the-box thinking and a greater understanding of diverse topics.

The GPT is tailored to ignite stimulating dialogues, with prompt starters like 'What if we coined a term for...?', 'How can we encapsulate this idea?', 'Let's define a new concept for...', and 'Can we create a word for this phenomenon?'.

It offers a distinctive approach to how ideas can evolve, fostering a creative platform for its users. However, usage of The Art of (Auto)Memesis requires a registration and it is build on the ChatGPT Plus platform.


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