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Integrates cost estimates in your travel plans.
GPT welcome message: I'll include estimated costs in your itinerary. What's your budget like?
Sample prompts:
Create a budget-friendly itinerary for a family trip to Spain.
Include cost estimates for a luxury stay in Japan.
Provide a detailed cost breakdown for an adventure trip in New Zealand.
Estimate the costs for a cultural experience in Morocco.
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Voyage Advisor is a Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) which incorporates cost estimation functionality into your travel planning. The tool is designed to render more efficient and budget-tailored travel plans by integrating real-time cost estimates into your projected itinerary.

By taking into consideration the budget provided by the user, Voyage Advisor generates cost-optimized travel plans for various types of trips, be it luxury stays, cultural experiences or adventurous journeys.

Guided by the user's queries and parameters, Voyage Advisor can provide detailed cost breakdowns for travel plans in different locations across the world.

For instance, the user can ask the system to create a budget-friendly itinerary for a family trip to Spain or estimate the costs for a cultural experience in Morocco.

Voyage Advisor will then generate a cost-effective itinerary that aligns with the user's budget and preferences.The tools functionality stems from it being built on ChatGPT Plus, allowing it to engage in interactive dialogue with users, understand their budget constraints, preferential locations, desired experience types, and respond appropriately by providing an estimated cost breakdown.

It is important to note that signing up to ChatGPT Plus is required to leverage the benefits of Voyage Advisor.


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