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Customizable album cover art creation.
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Daft Art is an AI-powered tool that enables users to quickly and easily create high-quality album covers. It utilizes curated aesthetics and provides visual ways to interact with AI to generate as many artworks as needed until the desired look is achieved.

Users can customize the artwork text by editing the album title and artist name, and the final artwork is delivered in a high-resolution format with the correct aspect ratio.

Additionally, users are able to preview the artwork on a real device before deciding on the final look and it is ready for uploading to all streaming platforms.

Daft Art also provides sample covers made by other artists to give users an idea of what the final artwork might look like. With Daft Art, users can create an artwork they will be proud of.


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Jun 13, 2023
Says 'limited free' cool lets take for a spin. I get to create text for album and artist, 10 different colors. that's it. No art to tryout.

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Pros and Cons


High-quality album covers
Curated aesthetics
Unlimited artworks generation
Text customization
High-resolution format delivery
Correct aspect ratio
Artwork preview on device
Ready for all streaming platforms
Sample covers for inspiration
No credit card required for first artwork
Ability to hide/show cover information
Can customize font style and size
Standard JPG format
Under constant development


No multi-language support
Lacks advanced text editing
Lacks integration with streaming platforms
Doesn't support 3D previews
Not clearly priced
No collaborative features
No API for third-party integration
No referral or affiliate programs
Limited preview devices
Absence of user feedback option


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In what resolution is the final artwork delivered in by Daft Art?
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Can I share my Daft Art cover on social media and for printing?
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