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Swap faces in photos with advanced AI.
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BasedLabs.ai | Face Swap is an AI tool that provides a platform for face swapping in images. Users can upload their photos and the AI-powered tool will replace the face in the base image with the face in the targeted image.

The resulting image presents seamless results as the AI technology accurately identifies the new face and blends it with the main photo. To use this tool, users are required to upload both base and target images, initiate the face swap, and then preview, download, and share the final product.

The tool guarantees security and privacy, as it does not store face information. The user-friendly tool operates swiftly and creates a realistic face swap in mere seconds.

In addition to the Face Swap feature, BasedLabs also offers AI-powered solutions for different creative and professional projects such as image-to-text conversion, image upscaling, character generation among others.

The platform does not contain any hidden costs, and it can be accessed anytime, anywhere as long as there is an internet connection available.


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Jun 14, 2024
This is sick
May 24, 2024
best ive found, and most reliable

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Pros and Cons


Seamless image blending
Security and privacy guaranteed
Does not store facial data
Swift performance
Realistic face swap results
Accessible anywhere with internet
No hidden costs
Supports creative and professional projects
Features image-to-text conversion
Offers image upscaling tools
Previews available before download
Direct image download
Features shareable face swaps
Multi-featured platform
Easy 3-step usage
High-quality face swap results
Simultaneous upload of target and base images
Handles various image manipulations
Complimentary Face Swap feature
Converts static photos to engaging videos
Affords engaging visual content
Aids streamlined workflows
Supports digital media solutions


Requires internet connection
No app version available
Limited to facial swaps
No offline mode
No API for integration
No data storage options
Unclear commercial usage rights
No multi-face swap feature
No batch processing feature
Lack of customization options


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