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Forever Voices AI is a Telegram chatbot that allows users to converse with AI-powered clones of public figures and celebrities. The tool claims to provide a realistic persona of the personalities that users desire to chat with.

The bot takes advantage of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to simulate the personalities of popular figures, including actors, musicians, and even politicians.

Users can download Telegram to get instant access to Forever Voices AI through the bot's handle @ForeverVoicesBot.Forever Voices AI is intended to provide an engaging and entertaining experience for users who wish to interact with algorithms that can provide a good impersonation of public icons.

While the number of personalities available on the platform is not mentioned, the bot aims to bring a unique and personalized experience to users who are curious about how their favorite celebrities respond to specific questions.

In conclusion, Forever Voices AI is a chatbot that leverages AI algorithms to simulate the personalities of several public figures and brings them to life in Telegram chat rooms.

It promises a realistic AI experience that is engaging and entertaining for users who want to interact with their favorite public figures.


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Feb 10, 2024
Woke.. definitely not A NSFW app
May 12, 2023
Maxine ai also let you talk to celebrities in ios. But they also speak 30 other languages not only english

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Forever Voices was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Telegram platform integration
Utilizes NLP algorithms
Simulates popular public figures
Instant access via handle
Engaging user experience
Interacts in chat rooms
Downloadable with good impersonation
Ever-growing persona library
Personalized chat experience
Designed for user entertainment
Accessible celebrity interaction
Quick access via link
Supports variety of figures
Adapts celebrities' conversation style
Direct message sending feature
Good for casual chats
Fun and educational tool
Broad persona range
Optimized for user curiosity
Machine learning utilization
Harnesses public figure data
Maintains chat room environment


Limited to Telegram platform
Unclear number of personalities
Lack of transparency in algorithms
Potential impersonation issues
Reliant on user downloading Telegram
Unclear update/development schedule
No multi-platform support
Limited customization options
Possible chatbot response limitations
No offline mode


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What is the primary purpose of Forever Voices AI?
Can you ask specific questions to the AI personas on Forever Voices AI?
Does Forever Voices AI use machine learning algorithms?
Does Forever Voices AI use natural language processing?
How engaging is the chat experience on Forever Voices AI?
How does Forever Voices AI impersonate public figures?
Can I use Forever Voices AI without downloading Telegram?
How does Forever Voices AI personalise the experience for users?
Who is the target audience for Forever Voices AI?
Is Forever Voices AI's experience entertaining?
Can you interact with politicians on Forever Voices AI?
How to send a message to Forever Voices AI?
Is there a limit to the types of questions you can ask Forever Voices AI?
Are new celebrity personas frequently added to Forever Voices AI?


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