Math lessons 2024-05-13
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Nomuk: Making Maths Practice Fun for Kids
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Nomuk by Avallark is an educational tool designed primarily as a maths practice application for children. It offers interactive features to make learning more appealing.

Along with creatively designed content, the algorithms incorporate elements such as music, games, and attractive graphics to maintain children's interest in math.

The tool also includes gamification features where learners can 'level up' or 'level down' as they master concepts. The emphasis is on repetition until proficiency is attained.Nomuk offers strong parental monitoring features, providing real-time updates on a child's activities via WhatsApp.

It allows parents to track everything the child does on the app, including when they start and stop using it. Moreover, the tool guarantees a safe learning environment, promising a no-ads policy and ensuring data security with no personal information being collected or shared.The AI-driven difficulty feature of the tool adjusts the complexity of math problems according to each child's progress.

Courses are structured hierarchically, and progression is allowed only in orderly steps aligning with school courses. Nomuk operates under a one-time payment model, and usage thereafter is free.


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Pros and Cons


Interactive features
Music incorporated in content
Game elements in learning
Attractive graphic design
Gamification features
Level up, level down model
Repetition until proficiency concept
Strong parental monitoring features
Real-time updates on child's activities
WhatsApp integration for updates
Track child's app usage
Safe learning environment
No-ads policy
Data security measures
No personal information collection
Hierarchical course structure
Aligns with school courses
One-time payment model
Free usage after payment
WhatsApp updates for six months
Keeps child motivated
Secure parental data
Tracks starting, stopping usage
Learning companion feature
Learning made fun for kids
Notifies when child stops
Infinite repeat practice possible
Unlimited free access post-payment


One-time payment required
WhatsApp required for updates
Only covers maths learning
Progression strictly hierarchical
Strict repetition emphasis
Not available on iOS
Limited customization for difficulty
Dependent on school curriculum
Lack of sufficient collaboration features
No offline mode mentioned


What is Nomuk by Avallark?
Can you explain Nomuk's 'level up' or 'level down' system?
What makes Nomuk safe for children to use?
What kind of parental controls does Nomuk offer?
How does the AI feature work in Nomuk?
Why does Nomuk use WhatsApp for updates?
How does Nomuk maintain interest in math learning?
What is the pricing model for Nomuk?
Does Nomuk have a no-ads policy?
Is Nomuk going to be available on Apple Store?
What personal data does Nomuk collect?
What happens if my child attempts a wrong answer on Nomuk?
Does Nomuk provide any certificates or rewards for course completion?
How can I offer feedback about Nomuk?
What is the methodology behind the course hierarchy in Nomuk?
What do you mean by Nomuk's 'structure learning'?
How many levels or steps are there in the math courses of Nomuk?
How can the learning companion Nomu help my child?
What kind of math problems does Nomuk present to the child?
Do I need to renew my subscription for WhatsApp updates after 6 months?

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