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AI-Based revenue optimization for your apps and games.
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Revmore leverages artificial intelligence to optimize revenue from in-app purchases (IAP) and in-app ads (IAA) for apps and games. Offering a diverse range of solutions, it aids in nurturing a healthy ad-serving ecosystem and addresses the unique demands for individual apps and games.

Whether it's the execution of a price A/B test, package design, or ad design improvement, Revmore's AI technology facilitates a seamless experience. It focuses on maintaining optimum revenue points by running live A/B tests.

The tool largely helps to streamline the mediation structure and steer the interval of ads for efficiency. Revmore's platform also offers hybrid monetization, incrementally increasing revenue through the sophisticated use of technology.

It integrates an AI-driven SDK that augments revenue channels, providing features such as customized package offerings, ad interval A/B tests, and SKU price optimization.

These offerings are based on machine learning, historical data, and user attribution. Revmore promises an effortless infrastructure integration into existing tech stacks with its multi-platform SDK, making the technology widely accessible and user-friendly.


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Revmore was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 10th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Optimizes in-app purchases revenue
Optimizes in-app ads revenue
Aids ad-serving ecosystem health
Address unique app demands
Allows price A/B testing
Improves package design
Improves ad design
Maintains optimum revenue points
Streamlines mediation structure
Efficient ad interval steering
Offers hybrid monetization
Increments revenue with technology
Augments revenue channels
Customized package offerings
Supports ad interval A/B tests
Optimizes SKU pricing
Utilizes machine learning
Uses historical data
Leverages user attribution
Easy infrastructure incorporation
Compatible with multiple platforms
User-friendly SDK
Supports ad design improvements
Effortless tech stack integration


Limited to in-app optimization
No external ads optimization
Dependent on historical data
SDK integration required
Live A/B tests requirement
Limited to mobile platforms
No webpage/ad-site optimization
Focused on revenue, not engagement
No specific user segmentation
Currently in beta testing phase


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