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Robo Translator is a machine translation service leveraged by the capabilities of OpenAI and Azure Cognitive Services. Aimed at content globalization, it simplifies machine translation to make content more accessible to global audiences.

Robo Translator can translate any audio, video, or text document into one or more languages, offering accurate localization driven by the latest OpenAI models.

It also provides automatic translation of captions of any YouTube video in a few seconds, allowing for synthesizing and importing audio tracks in multiple languages.

Another key feature includes audio transcription and translation, where it transforms any audio track into a localized copy, transcribing it and generating captions, followed by synthesizing a new audio track.

Robo Translator is also capable of software localization, facilitating the translation of language files for mobile or web applications. It supports diverse localization formats, including .xml, .json, .plist, .php, and .properties.

Its 'pay as you go' pricing model allows for flexible use. The service emphasizes fast and accurate translations while ensuring privacy with encrypted file uploads and short-lived storage.


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Robo Translator was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 6th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Translates audio, video, text
Automatic YouTube captions translation
Audio transcription and translation
Software localization capability
Supports diverse localization formats
Pay as you go pricing
Fast, accurate translations
Encrypted file uploads
Short-lived storage
Azure Cognitive Services integration
Multiple languages support
Content globalization
Imports synthesized languages tracks
Transcribes and generates captions
Handles .xml, .json, .plist formats
Handles .php, .properties formats
Can localize mobile apps
Can localize web apps


Lacks real-time translation
No mobile application
Limited localization formats
No offline functionality
No free tier
Pay-as-you-go pricing model
Not specified language support
No API exposure
No user-friendly translation editing


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Can Robo Translator be used for software localization?
What kind of files does Robo Translator support for localization?
How does the 'pay as you go' pricing model work in Robo Translator?
How does Robo Translator ensure the quality of its translations?
How does Robo Translator ensure privacy during file uploads?
How long does Robo Translator store files?
Can Robo Translator translate text documents?
Does Robo Translator provide any free credits on signup?
In what languages can Robo Translator synthesize audio tracks?
What types of tokens are billed in Robo Translator's 'pay as you go' pricing model?
Is Robo Translator's captioning service quick?
Can the translated files be directly imported into YouTube Studio?
Can Robo Translator generate captions in multiple languages?
How can I start using Robo Translator?

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