Slack summaries 07 Apr 2023
Summarized Slack discussions.

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Summarize Slack with powerful, privacy-first AI. Understand what's happening across long threads and busy channels in seconds. Create AI-Digests of your favorite channels, share with your team and protect focus time.

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Carl Brenssell
· Jul 4, 2023
Great personalized digests you can share with your team mates!

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Pros and Cons


Summarizes Slack discussions automatically
Secure and easy to use
Customizable to individual preferences
Ability to share thread summaries
Can schedule thread summaries
Highlights who you are waiting on
Facilitates nudging for responses
Addition to Slack for ease
Performance optimized using analytical cookies
Saves time and effort
Keeps everyone in the loop
Understand key conversation outcomes
Focuses on important points
Privacy and data security
Ethical use of technology
Post-meeting follow-up feature
Free to use
Suitable for various companies
Notification feature for unread messages
Allows consent for cookies
Helps reduce Slack noise
Ease of installation
Helps you stay informed
Helps users stay up-to-date


Reliant on Slack
Limited customization
No follow-up feature
Requires consent for cookies
No offline mode
Performance depending on cookies
Absence of direct API
No multi-platform support
Analytics data not transparent
Limited third-party integration


What is
What does do?
How does work with Slack?
How can I add to my Slack account?
How does summarize Slack discussions?
Can I customize according to my preferences?
Does notify users when they are waiting on someone?
What kind of security measures does have?
Can I share or schedule thread summaries using
Why is useful for my team?
How does analytics cookies improve's performance?
Is a paid tool?
What companies use
What are the main features of
Does help to track the key outcomes of discussions?
How does handle privacy?
Does work with other chat platforms apart from Slack?
How often does summarize a Slack discussion?
Can multiple people use within the same company?
Do I need any special permissions to use on my Slack workspace?

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