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Generates project ideas for development.
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"What Should I Build Next?" is a free tool designed to generate random development project ideas based on the user's preferences. With thousands of unique combinations to choose from, developers can use this tool to ignite their creativity and find inspiration for their next side project or hackathon.

Once on the site, users are prompted to pick components, such as a mobile app, delivery service, news aggregator, fitness tracker, or social network. They can then select their target audience, which can range from adventure travelers to book lovers to small business owners.

After that, users can choose from popular programming languages, frameworks, and cloud platforms such as React, Vue, Node.js, and Amazon Web Services, among others.Once all components have been selected, users can choose to generate their idea randomly or challenge themselves by selecting the challenge mode.

The tool provides frequent asked questions such as the credits a user gets on signing up, if users can save or bookmark project ideas for later, and if they can modify prompts after generating an idea.This tool is an ultimate resource for developers to find new project ideas and get started on developing something new and useful.

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Pros and Cons


Free tool
Generates unique combinations
Preference-based idea generation
Variety of components selection
Specified target audience selection
Supports popular programming languages
Includes popular frameworks and platforms
Option for random or challenge mode
Ability to save ideas for later
Option to modify prompts post-generation
Applicable for hackathons or side projects
Useful for variety of users
Wide range of project types
Supports range of cloud platforms
Fit for both mobile and Web
Provides FAQ support


No offline usage
No multi-language support
No integration with dev tools
No collaborative features
Limited programming languages
No user profile personalization
No idea modification post-generation
No suggestions based on past projects
User credits not explained
No API available


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What programming languages and platforms does Whatshouldibuildnext support?
What is the challenge mode on Whatshouldibuildnext?
Can I save or bookmark project ideas on Whatshouldibuildnext?
Can I modify the components of a prompt on Whatshouldibuildnext after generating an idea?
How many credits do users get upon signup to Whatshouldibuildnext?
Can Whatshouldibuildnext generate mobile app development ideas?
Can Whatshouldibuildnext suggest project ideas for e-commerce platforms?
Is Whatshouldibuildnext a free tool?
What kind of projects does Whatshouldibuildnext suggest for hackathons?
How are the project ideas on Whatshouldibuildnext generated - randomly or based on selected preferences?
Does Whatshouldibuildnext have a leaderboard?
What kind of project ideas does Whatshouldibuildnext suggest for cloud platforms?
Is Whatshouldibuildnext only for developers?
Is there a limit to how many project ideas I can generate on Whatshouldibuildnext?
Does Whatshouldibuildnext have an archive of previous project ideas?

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