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Automated writing assistant and editor.

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Wordtune is an AI-powered writing assistant and editor that helps users improve their writing. The tool offers a suite of AI-driven features to enhance the writing process, such as rewriting, rephrasing, and suggestions to instantly improve writing.

Wordtune also provides users with a summarizer, an editor, and Wordtune spices to add personality to writing. The tool integrates with Chrome and can be accessed from desktop.

Wordtune has been praised by users for its ability to generate suggestions and alternatives to sentences, helping users improve their writing and express their thoughts more clearly.

Furthermore, the tool eliminates the need for users to second-guess their writing and boosts their confidence with the help of AI-driven features. Wordtune is an invaluable tool for writers and content creators of all kinds.

Wordtune was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 29th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Rewriting and rephrasing features
Instant writing improvement suggestions
Built-in summarizer and editor
Wordtune Spices for personality
Integrates with Chrome
Desktop accessibility
Generates sentence alternatives
Boosts user confidence
Used by various content creators
Can be used by non-native English speakers
Adaptable for casual and formal tones
Helps stick to word limits
Facilitates sentence expansion for depth
Compatible with popular platforms like Google Docs, LinkedIn, Facebook
Availability of Wordtune for Teams and Microsoft Word
Inbuilt word finder for right word usage
Sentence comparison feature with trusted sources
Alternatives for clear vivid messaging
Multiple phrase options for learning purposes
Recommended for sales related copywriting
Helpful in drafting school essays and assignments
Improves both vocabulary and sentence structure
Facilitates fast drafting


Chrome-only integration
Limited to desktop
No mobile app
Lack of multilingual support
Requires internet connection
May limit writing style
Lacks offline usability
Potentially expensive premium plans


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Is Wordtune useful for content creators?
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Does Wordtune assist in crafting emails?
How does Wordtune help with avoiding plagiarism?
What kind of jobs are available at Wordtune?
How to contact Wordtune for support or inquiries?

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