Automated copywriting for Figma projects.

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Writer is a powerful AI-driven Figma plugin that enables users to quickly generate content for their projects. It offers a variety of content types, from legal disclaimers to marketing copy, as well as adjustable tone and reading level settings so the content fits the desired audience.

With Writer, users can enter a basic prompt to get started, set a word count, or opt to leave it open-ended. Users can also refine their prompts as they go, with the option to re-write their copy to get more iterations.

Writer also offers a free version, with 10 free writes, 5 content types and 4 tone options, and a paid version with unlimited words and additional features.

With Writer, users can save time and effort in creating copy, and level-up their content.

This AI tool is no longer available.
Writer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Figma plugin
Automated copywriting for projects
Various content types
Adjustable tone settings
Adjustable reading level
Prompt refinement options
Rewrite option for iterations
Free version available
Paid version benefits
Dictate word count
Option to leave open-ended
Multiple tone options
Helps in designing workflow
Saves drafting time
Fits text to selected layer
Free version includes 10 writes
Free version includes 5 content types
Free version includes 4 tone options
Paid version offers unlimited words
User satisfaction
Great for solo designers
Useful for teams
Priority feature support
Option to Simplify (soon)
Presets option coming (soon)
Easy prompt refinement
No need for copywriter
Quick copy creation
Good for product development
Aids in page creation
Enhances design
Changes work dynamics
Prevent copying and pasting
One-time instruction
Ideal for designers
Speeds up design pitches
Easy stakeholder selling
Eliminates need for placeholders
Beneficial for freelancers


Limited content types
Limited tone options
Free version restrictions
Requires manual prompt refinement
No auto-fitting text feature
Extra features tied to paid version
Unclear reading level adjustment
Undefined pro version price
Limited rewrite iterations
No collaborative features


What is Writer?
What are the key features of Writer?
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Can Writer adjust the tone and reading level of the content?
How can I start using Writer?
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Can I rewrite the content generated by Writer?
What options does Writer provide to refine prompts?
How many free writes does Writer offer?
What are the tone options available in the free version of Writer?
How can Writer save me time and effort in creating copy?
What are the additional features in the paid version of Writer?
Are there any upcoming features in Writer?
Can Writer be used as a content creator for Figma projects?
Can Writer generate copy for any type of project?
Are there any limitations to using the free version of Writer?
How does the process of setting a reading level work in Writer?
What does it mean that Writer fits the content to the selected layer?
What are people's experiences using Writer?
How does Writer speed up the design workflow?

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