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Elevate your content with AI-powered transcription.
Generated by ChatGPT, an AI-powered transcription service, is designed to translate audio and video recordings into text. The platform supports multiple languages and manages a wide array of formats including MP4, MP3, WAV, MOV, AAC, and FLV. employs advanced AI technology, such as Whisper, to provide rapid and precise transcriptions. The tool offers a simple three-step process: upload, transcribe, and export.

With reliable accuracy, the platform can aid professionals, creators, researchers, as well as healthcare, legal, financial services, hospitality, real estate, and technology sectors.

The service also offers AI summarization capabilities, which help users get an overview of their transcriptions, and data confidentiality is taken seriously to ensure secure transactions.

To serve an international audience, has language support for 98 languages. The platform is not only useful for professionals looking to expedite transcription but is also quite relevant in education, business meetings, IT support, and media-based professions for efficient content management.


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Yescribe was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 7th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Supports 98 languages
Handles multiple formats
Utilizes Whisper technology
Three-step process: upload, transcribe, export
Data confidentiality priority
Applicable across sectors (healthcare, legal, real state)
99.9% transcription accuracy
Five-hour upload support
Rapid transcription
Works for professionals and researchers
Broad applicability: education, business, media
Transforms customer experiences
Support for Javanese and Zulu
Detail capture for technology discussions
Handles large amount of transcription
Utmost privacy guarantee
98% global coverage
Precision transcription
Query-able text summaries
Unparalleled service for IT support
Efficient media content management
Interactive dialogue capabilities
Supports diverse audio and video formats
Extended support for long uploads
Adaptable in various industries
Unmatched reliability
Elevate medical records with transcription
Fast, accurate, affordable
Easy file export and sharing
Transform promotional materials into text
Good for long and lengthy recordings
Streamlines financial records
Ensures detailed legal documentation
Improves efficiency


Limited file size support
File upload only, no direct recording
Dependent on internet speed
May struggle with different accents
Insufficient handling of poor quality audio
No live transcription
No mobile app
Fast but not real-time transcription
Unclear how to handle multiple speakers
Unknown handling of technical jargon


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How does facilitate efficient content management in media professions?
Does offer summary features?
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Can I upload extended audio or video files for transcription on
What measures does take for secure transactions?
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How is useful in the real estate sector?
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How does elevate content management?

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