Backgrounds 20 Dec 2022
Customizing virtual backgrounds for Zoom meetings.

Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered virtual background tool for Zoom meetings that enables users to create unique and creative backgrounds in seconds. Using the platform, users can choose from a wide selection of backgrounds, from living rooms to coffee shops and even space stations, and customize them to fit their personalities.

The tool is powered entirely by AI and it is easy to use, allowing users to create a free background with just a few clicks. also provides users with a way to start conversations and break the ice during Zoom meetings, as well as stand out in a sea of generic backgrounds.

With Zoomscape, users can make an impression while working remotely and showcase their personalities during Zoom calls.

Zoomscape was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 3rd 2023.
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· Sep 23, 2023
OK, cool for Zoom users, but not "Free"; requires $10 one-time payment.

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Pros and Cons


Customizable virtual backgrounds
Wide selection of backgrounds
User-friendly platform
Conversation-starter feature
Free backgrounds generation
Works for remote work
Showcase personality in calls
Impress coworkers with backgrounds
Variety of settings
Easy background personalization
Quick background creation
Fun and creative designs
Helps break the ice
Boost Zoom meeting engagement
Stand out in meetings
Enhances virtual meeting experience
Promotes individuality in meetings
Different backgrounds for moods
Smooth conversational starts
Impression-making tool
Compatible with Zoom


Limited to Zoom meetings
No apparent image editing
Lacks API for integrations
No multi-user collaboration feature
Limited selection of backgrounds
No layered background option
No import/export functionality
Doesn't support video backgrounds


What is
How does use AI technology?
What types of backgrounds can I customize on
How do I use to create a free background?
Can produce backgrounds for any type of meeting?
Is easy to use?
How does help in starting conversations in Zoom meetings?
How can assist in standing out during Zoom meetings?
Can I select a unique background for every Zoom call on
How can I use to showcase my personality during Zoom meetings?
What do people say about
Can I adjust my virtual backgrounds to fit my mood?
What makes unique from other virtual background tools?
How can I impress my coworkers with
Can you recommend any great backgrounds for my next Zoom meeting?
How can make my Zoom meetings more fun?
Does help in creating engagement in meetings?
What do I need to start creating my first background with
Is's badge featured anywhere online?
Does provide new virtual backgrounds regularly?

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