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ByMike Kentz
User-friendly, adaptable essay grading tool for teachers.
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Sample prompts:
I'd like you to take a look at a batch of essays. What information do you need from me to do the job effectively?
I'd like you to read these essays and determine if they pass a rubric I have created. Can you do that?
Can you take a look at an essay and evaluate it for logical coherence, clarity, and structure?
Can you take a look at this essay and mark it up for grammar, syntax, word choice, and coherence?
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Pass Fail Essay Evaluator is a GPT that aims to enhance the efficiency and precision of essay grading for teachers. This tool leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT to aid educators in assessing student essays via a user-friendly and adaptable interface.

It prompts users to provide necessary information, such as a set of essays for evaluation or certain criteria to guide the assessment process. The GPT is capable of evaluating essays for logical coherence, clarity, and structure.

Moreover, it supports inspection of vocabulary usage including grammar, syntax, and word choice, thereby focusing on multiple aspects of language fluency and comprehension.

The Pass Fail Essay Evaluator GPT is intended to streamline the essay grading workflow and reduce the burden of reviewing numerous essays manually. This tool, rooted in AI technology, brings objectivity into the grading process and ensures a consistent standard of evaluation.

The application requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription, indicating its base on this platform which powers its functionalities. Note, the GPT is a tool for assistance and is not intended to replace human judgement or the nuanced evaluation a trained educator can provide.


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