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Design unique social media cards with ease.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Let's create some amazing social media cards together!
Sample prompts:
Create a social media card about summer sale
Design a card for a music event announcement
Generate a social media card for a coffee shop
Make a birthday greeting card for social media
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Social Media Card Crafter is a GPT that functions as a creative assistant, helping users design unique cards intended for social media platforms. This tool is adept in working with standard social media card sizes, fitting within the requirements set by various platforms.

Leveraging the power of ChatGPT, Social Media Card Crafter simplifies the design process by interacting with users and understanding their design needs.

Through this GPT, individuals can craft an array of social media cards that focus on a number of varied themes, such as summer sales, music event announcements, business endeavours like a coffee shop promotion, or personal events like birthday greetings.

This breaks down the barriers to design and allows users, irrespective of their design skills, to create beautiful and appropriate social media cards for their needs.

An additional requirement for optimally utilizing this GPT is a ChatGPT Plus subscription. Sign-ups and interactions with this GPT are facilitated through, an external website.

Crafting striking, engaging, and contextually appropriate social media cards becomes less daunting, more user-friendly and creative with the Social Media Card Crafter GPT.


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