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Try on virtual hairstyles to experiment with looks.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool that allows users to virtually try on different hair styles, including slicked back, pompadour, and more, for both male and female styles.

The tool offers 15 different styles, with more added weekly, including bald, buzz, dreadlocks, long wavy hair, pompadour, shaved, short curly, and more.

Each style provides users with eight images in various poses, and there is a minimum purchase price of $5 for five different styles and 40 images. Additional styles can be purchased for $1 each.

Users can upload their own selfies to see how different hair styles would look on them. While the tool is optimized for different ethnicities and races, it may require some tweaking for optimal results.

To use the tool, users must create an account and upload images. To ensure data privacy and security, users can delete all their data and account information at any time from the profile page.

The AI algorithm behind the tool typically takes about 20 minutes to process, and support is available to help with any issues that arise. The tool is ideal for people looking for a new hairstyle or for individuals looking to experiment with different looks before committing to a new haircut.


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AIhairstyles was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


15+ hair styles
New styles weekly
8 images per style
Secure account creation
Protection of user data
Upload personal selfies
Optimized for all ethnicities
User data deletion option
Estimated 20 minutes processing
On-hand support available
Experimentation before real haircut
Custom style requests
$1 for extra styles
Detailed FAQ section
Available male and female styles
55+ projected styles monthly
Varying poses for visuals
Individual & bulk purchase options
Data security priority
Continual improvement with versions


Limited hairstyle options
20-minute processing time
Doesn't support batch processing
No free trial available
Requires account creation
Limited customer support
Image tweaking needed
Only optimized for selfies
Limited imagery per hairstyle
Data deletion risks


What is
How many different styles does AIhairstyles offer?
How does AIhairstyles work with user's own selfies?
What is the cost of AIhairstyles services?
Do I need an account to use AIhairstyles?
Why is the minimum purchase price $5 on AIhairstyles?
What data privacy measures does AIhairstyles have in place?
How long does it usually take to process images on AIhairstyles?
What kind of support is available if I encounter issues on AIhairstyles?
How often are new hairstyles added to AIhairstyles?
Is AIhairstyles optimized for different ethnicities and races?
Do I have control over my data on AIhairstyles?
How can I delete my data and account on AIhairstyles?
What does the AI algorithm do in AIhairstyles?
What does each style provide on AIhairstyles?
Can I use AIhairstyles without purchasing a style?
Who is the target user of AIhairstyles?
How many images do I get with each style purchased on AIhairstyles?
Can I use AIhairstyles for both male and female hairstyles?
What kind of hairstyles can I try on AIhairstyles?


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