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Transforming your style with AI hair design.
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SDGen Hair Designer is an AI-powered tool which enables users to create, modify, and customize virtual hair styles and colors. With an extensive palette of options, it allows changes in hair color ranging from natural shades to more artistic ones like rainbow.

Its variety of hair styles include but are not limited to straight, curly, wavy, dreadlocks, bun, pixie, and more. The tool doesn't stop there. In addition to hair designing, it offers a wide range of accessories and hats like tiaras, crowns, headbands, baseball caps, fedora hats, and so forth.

Moreover, it includes more advanced features such as de-noising and has different scheduler options. Noteworthy is its capability to handle both cartoons and real photos, broadening its use cases.

Although initially conceived for personalized styling needs, the flexibility of SDGen Hair Designer may provide utility for a range of users including stylists seeking inspiration, game developers needing character design aids, or even entertainment platforms creating chat avatars.


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SDGen Hair Designer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 7th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Customizable virtual hairstyles
Range of hair colors
Artistic color options
Offers hair accessories
Variety of hat options
De-noising feature included
Scheduler options accessible
Handles cartoons and real photos
Utility for game developers
Useful for entertainment platforms
Capable for hair customization
Options for straight, curly, wavy
Option for dreadlocks, bun, pixie
Diverse stylist applications
Applicable in personalized styling
Options of natural to artistic shades
Extended palette of options
Inclusive of tiaras, crowns, headbands
Availability of baseball caps, fedora hats
Useful for hairstylists
Usable for character design aids
Can generate chat avatars
Ability to modify hair styles
Advanced feature set
Cartoon character design feature
Wide range of hair styles
Capable of color modification
Allows wearing various hats and accessories
Different hair type options
Wide color palette
Extensive hat options
Advanced accessory options
Configurable hair dilation
Seed input for generation
Multiple sampler options
Different scheduler choices
Image generation feature
Edit functionality
Image history tracking
Multiple choices for user settings
Feedback mechanism included
Useful for profile photo generation
Cartoon background image generation
Image to video option


No mobile application
No offline capabilities
Limited scheduler options
Limited to hair design
No API mentioned
Limited hairstyle options
Complex user interface
No batch processing
Lack of user guidance
No multi-language support


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