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Revolutionizing team knowledge with AI-driven file and folder interaction.
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Amigotor is an artificial intelligence tool that is designed to animate your files, folders, and team knowledge base. This AI tool serves as a personalized chat bot, encouraging interactions with your documents as though you are talking to a real person.

It is capable of converting various file types, such as PDF, Word, Docx, and TXT files, into an AI entity, revolutionizing the way you interact with your files.

Whether you are dealing with a comprehensive report, a critical document, or a simple text file, Amigotor allows for meaningful conversations with the files in question.

It enables users to ask questions, write summaries, or retrieve detailed explanations directly from their documents. This AI companion also has the capacity to retain your conversation history, helping it identify your documents and respond to your interactions based on previous activities.

Multilingual support is also a standout feature of Amigotor, promising a friendly and realistic conversational experience across multiple languages.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized chat bot
Supports various file types
Enables conversations with files
Can ask questions, write summaries
Retrieve explanations from documents
Retains conversation history
Multilingual support
Transforms files for interaction
Animates folders and team knowledge
Personalized based on interaction history
Multiple document types support
Enables document discovery
Enhances team collaboration
Supports PDF, Word, Docx files
Supports TXT files
100+ languages supported
Friendly conversational experience
Enhances document analysis
Sources for answers provided
Accessible from anywhere
Works on multiple platforms
Support for screenshots and scans
Image to text converter
Interacts with scanned documents
Supports team collaboration
Supports text to speech
Supports speech to text
Can upload multiple files
Can collaborate on files
Supports multiple permissions
Organizes files and folders
Archives online meetings
Records screen activities
Adapts to preferred communication style
Respects formality levels
Teachable with new documents
Compatible with smartphones and tablets
Chat initiates from document upload
Optimization for internet usage
Enhances work or study productivity
Talk to book feature
Interactive document management
Revolutionizes document interaction


Limited to textual files
Chat-based interface not always optimal
No document editing
Limited file types supported
No real-time collaboration features
Potential privacy concerns with stored conversations
Full reliance on conversion accuracy
Requires internet connectivity


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Can I access Amigotor on different devices like desktop, tablet, smartphone?

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