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AI-powered ticket creation & intuitive documentation tool for your teams.
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Crafter aims to automate and enhance the task creation process for product and engineering teams. By focusing on reducing administrative tasks like ticket generation, it allows the user to focus more on project building and strategising.

Crafter allows task creation through the analysis of documents which could be uploaded in various formats including PDF and Word, or connected directly via Google Drive.

The tool extracts critical features, functionalities, and also project-specific acceptance criteria from the documents and automatically generates actionable tasks for the team.

Users can review these tasks and instantly sync them to their Jira project, or alternatively export them as a CSV for use in other project management tools.

This assists in gaining insights into technical specifications and project requirements. By integrating seamlessly into existing workflows, Crafter positions itself as a valuable partner in a product development journey, essentially becoming an AI-powered workflow assistant.


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Pros and Cons


Automates task creation
Reduces administrative tasks
Document analysis feature
Accepts PDF and Word formats
Google Drive direct connection
Extracts project-specific criteria
Generates actionable tasks
Sync tasks with Jira
Export tasks as CSV
Seamless workflow integration
Aids technical spec understanding
Extracts critical functionalities
Enhances focus on strategising
Boost project output
Time-saving tool
Various document upload methods
Allows task review
Accessible project requirements
Reduces time on ticket creation
Increased team productivity


Limited document format compatibility
Primarily Jira-focused
Lacks multi-language support
Limited customization in task creation
No stand-alone task management
No API mentioned
Possible inaccuracies in document analysis
Lack of on-premise deployment
Possible integration limitations
No stated security features


What is Crafter?
How does Crafter automate the task creation process for product and engineering teams?
What administrative tasks can Crafter reduce like ticket generation?
How does Crafter allow task creation through the analysis of documents?
What document formats can be uploaded in Crafter?
How does Crafter connect directly with Google Drive?
How does Crafter extract critical features, functionalities, and project-specific acceptance criteria from the documents?
How does Crafter generate actionable tasks for the team?
How can users review these tasks in Crafter?
How can Crafter sync tasks to a Jira project?
How can Crafter allow to export tasks as a CSV for use in other project management tools?
How does Crafter assist in gaining insights into technical specifications and project requirements?
How does Crafter integrate into existing workflows?
How much time does Crafter save for a team?
How does document analysis in Crafter work?
How can Crafter determine project-specific acceptance criteria?
What is the process of task generation in Crafter?
What are the steps to upload a document in Crafter?
What AI features does Crafter have?
What benefits does Crafter offer for managing projects more efficiently?

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