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Your AI copilot for document collaboration.
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Document CoPilot is an AI tool designed to facilitate collaboration on Google Documents. Its primary function is to provide in-line comments and replies to facilitate document revision and editing.

It integrates with Google Document's native commenting system, requiring no additional applications or extensions. Users can share their Google Docs with Document CoPilot to initiate an editing session.

The AI tool then joins the document and starts to provide comments and replies. Users can also ask specific questions or request elaborations on suggestions.

Document CoPilot also has an auto-exit feature. If a user takes a break for more than 30 minutes, the tool automatically leaves the document, ensuring privacy.

It can be easily re-invited for further collaboration when needed. Document CoPilot can handle a wide range of document topics, however, it currently only supports Google Documents.

It does not support other Google Suite tools like Spreadsheets, Slides, or .docx files. As to privacy concerns, Document CoPilot doesn't log or store user content, and it unshares itself from the document at the end of each session.

The data passed between the user and the AI tool is subject to the privacy policies of the language models it relies on, specifically Anthropic's Claude and OpenAI's GPT.

Finally, although Document CoPilot is free to start with, continued use beyond a set amount of comments incurs a fee. Users are charged for every few additional hundred comments.


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Pros and Cons


Inline comments and replies
Compatible with Google Documents
No additional apps required
Facilitates document sharing
Auto-exit during long breaks
Well-versed in multiple topics
Ensures user privacy
Does not log content
Flexible re-invitation system
User-driven question and elaboration
Supports wide document range
Charges only beyond free comments
Compatible with Anthropic's Claude
Unshares from docs post-session
Responds swiftly (within seconds)
Provides both minute and major feedback
Supports versatile document topics
Automatic session end privacy
Dedicated email for feedback
Individualized command interpretation
Transparent cost policy
Integrated into native workflow
Specific comment-guided interaction
Easily instigate collaboration


Supports only Google Documents
Charges for additional comments
Unexpected auto-exit feature
Privacy reliant on third-party
Lacks integration with spreadsheets/slide tools
Limited to documents, no .docx
Requires edit access sharing
Could offer banal suggestions
Reliance on user for tool direction
Unpredicted outages possible


What is Document CoPilot?
What is the primary function of Document CoPilot?
How does Document CoPilot integrate with Google Document's native commenting system?
How do I share my Google Document with Document CoPilot?
What happens when Document CoPilot joins a document?
Can I ask specific questions or request elaborations on suggestions from Document CoPilot?
What is the auto-exit feature in Document CoPilot?
Why does Document CoPilot leave a document after a user's 30-minute break?
Can Document CoPilot handle a range of document topics?
Why doesn't Document CoPilot support Google Suite tools like Spreadsheets, Slides, or .docx files?
How does Document CoPilot ensure user privacy?
Does Document CoPilot store user content?
How does Document CoPilot unshare itself from a document?
What are the privacy policies of the language models Document CoPilot relies on?
Is Document CoPilot paid or free?
How is the fee calculated for continued use of Document CoPilot?
What triggers the fee for the use of Document CoPilot?
Do I need to install any extension to use Document CoPilot?
How do I re-invite Document CoPilot for collaboration on a document?
Does Document CoPilot support other document types apart from Google Documents?

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