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Use natural language to query your database and deploy AI agents.
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FARSPEAK.AI is an artificial intelligence tool designed to improve efficiency and speed when working with databases. The tool allows users to use natural language to query their databases, reducing the complexity of operations.

It supports both structured and unstructured data, with a focus on keeping the embeddings up-to-date and minimizing storage overhead. FARSPEAK.AI additionally aims to eliminate synchronization headaches and simplifies the management of nested data structures.

It currently supports MongoDB Atlas with plans for more database types in the future. Integration with Google Drive is also available, allowing users to use any document in their AI without the need to manage multiple databases.

Two key features are its NLQ API that stands for natural language querying and NLD API for natural language development. Specifically designed for AI engineers, app & web developers, and product designers, the tool simplifies working with data and databases, making it easier to create new AI features and run data experiments.

It also allows developers to use more natural language in their coding and offers a REST API to query nested data.


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Pros and Cons


Supports structured/unstructured data
Reduces operational complexity
Consistent database embeddings
Minimal storage overhead
Eliminates data synchronization issues
MongoDB Atlas compatibility
Google Drive Integration
Natural language data querying
Simplifies nested data management
App/web developer oriented
Supports data experiments
Natural language coding support
REST API for nested data
Accelerates database operations
Supports saving artefacts
Allows mock data generation
Supports database agent deployment
Allows any-document usage
Single-layer multiple-database management
Single storage for nested structures
Easy to learn and integrate
Hastens product design
Increases data insights
Agent deployment for data enrichment
Compatibility with Jupyter notebooks
Quick data feature design
Up-to-date embeddings


Only supports MongoDB Atlas
Limited database types
Google Drive only integration
No multi-database management
Natural language might be imprecise
Embeddings need constant updates
REST-required nested data querying
Unpredictable results with NLQ-NLD APIs


How does FARSPEAK.AI improve efficiency when working with databases?
How does natural language querying work with FARSPEAK.AI?
What types of data does FARSPEAK.AI support?
How does FARSPEAK.AI keep the embeddings up-to-date?
What does FARSPEAK.AI do to minimize storage overhead?
How does FARSPEAK.AI eliminate synchronization headaches?
What are the benefits of FARSPEAK.AI's management of nested data structures?
What databases does FARSPEAK.AI currently support?
Is Google Drive integration available with FARSPEAK.AI?
What is the NLQ API in FARSPEAK.AI?
What is the NLD API in FARSPEAK.AI?
How can FARSPEAK.AI benefit AI engineers and developers?
How does REST API help in querying nested data in FARSPEAK.AI?
Who can use FARSPEAK.AI for database management?
How does FARSPEAK.AI simplify the creation of new AI features?
How does FARSPEAK.AI allow developers to use more natural language in their coding?
What plans does FARSPEAK.AI have for supporting more database types in the future?
What are the advantages of FARSPEAK.AI's single storage for nested structures?
How can I use any document in my AI with FARSPEAK.AI?

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