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Filter user feedback from your YouTube comment section.
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Feedby is an AI-driven tool designed to filter and curate user feedback from YouTube video comments. Given the flood of comments on popular channels, it can be challenging to sift through them manually to extract meaningful feedback, potential bug reports, or insightful questions.

Feedby alleviates this time-consuming task by using an AI-based system to extract actionable information. This tool aims to distill the most helpful comments and feedback from users.

It collects relevant feature requests and bug reports and sends them directly to your inbox, reducing the potential to overlook valuable user suggestions amidst unhelpful comments.

Filtered comments could range from technical issues such as problems with interface elements to broader suggestions for future content. By selecting pertinent comments, Feedby helps to enhance the value of user commentary for content creators, developers, and organizations.

The ultimate goal of Feedby is to provide user data that can directly contribute to product and content improvements.


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Feedby was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 11th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


YouTube comments analysis
Feedback extraction automation
Inbox integration
Bug report analysis
Feature Request Analysis
Improves user engagement
Enhances customer service
Aids content improvement
Filters unuseful comments
Delivers actionable insights
Collects User suggestions
Identifies technical issues
Promotes product improvement
Saves time
Supports user data utilization
Handles high-volume comments
Sends feature requests to inbox
Automates comment curation
Drives organizational value
Efficient feedback curation
Informs future content suggestions
Helps find meaningful insights


Limited to YouTube comments
Possible bias in curation
May miss nuanced feedback
Inbox integration only
No sentiment analysis mentioned
Direct user engagement lacking
Limited language support
Lack of customization settings
No pricing flexibility
Restricted to text comments


What is Feedby?
How does Feedby work?
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How does Feedby analyze YouTube comments?
How do I start using Feedby?
Can Feedby identify bug reports in YouTube comments?
Does Feedby send the filtered feedback to my inbox?
Is Feedby able to analyze feature requests in YouTube comments?
Does Feedby use AI technology?
Can Feedby assist in improving my content based on user feedback?
What type of user engagement does Feedby help foster?
Who are the main target users for Feedby?
What specific types of feedback can Feedby recognize?
Can Feedby identify interface issues from YouTube comments?
What improvements can Feedby contribute to my product?
How can Feedby enhance the value of user commentary?
Can Feedby be integrated with my email inbox?
How does Feedby's AI-driven analysis work?
Does Feedby offer its services for platforms other than YouTube?
What is the pricing model for Feedby?

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