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Analyzes YouTube video comments.
Sample prompts:
#IMPORTANT: Paste the link of the YouTube video
What is the general opinion about this video?
What is the main critique in this video?
Do people agree with the final message?
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Comments Analyzer is a GPT developed by that conducts an in-depth analysis of YouTube video comments. Without getting into any specifics that might change over time, this tool can provide insightful answers to various questions concerning recent comments on any YouTube video.

Users are simply asked to provide the link of the video they want processed. Once done, the tool dives into the comments, bringing to light valuable data.

Questions that could be answered by the tool includes, but not limited to: 'What is the general opinion about this video?', 'What is the main critique in this video?', and 'Do people agree with the final message?'.

This gives users a convenient way of gauging reactions and sentiment towards their YouTube video across the board. Its functionality relies on the ChatGPT Plus infrastructure, so the user would need to be connected to that in order to access this tool.

The service is essentially aimed at helping users understand their audience better by giving an overview of the sentiments expressed in their video comments.

This can inform future content creation, strategy designing, and marketing thrusts.


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Comments Analyzer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 30th 2023.
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