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Framedrop is an AI-powered tool designed to help streamers effortlessly discover and edit their stream highlights. By simply adding their stream URL, users can let the AI automatically find and clip their best plays within seconds.

The clips can then be easily shared on social media platforms to showcase their gaming achievements. The key features of Framedrop include:1. Highlight Detector: The advanced AI analyzes the stream and identifies the best moments, eliminating the need for manual searching through VODs.2.

Smart Edits (Coming Soon): The AI not only finds clips but also offers smart editing tools to enhance the quality of the plays.3. Clip Dashboard: Users can quickly access all their clips from the stream without the hassle of going through lengthy VODs.4.

Performance and Lightweight: As Framedrop is a web-based tool, there is no need for software installation, resulting in improved PC performance and storage space.5.

Quick Social Media Sharing: The tool enables easy and quick sharing of clips on various social media platforms. Framedrop has received positive feedback from content creators who praise its ability to save time and promote highlights from live streams.

Currently, the tool supports games such as Valorant, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Apex Legends, with plans to expand and support more games in the future.

Framedrop is a free tool with optional paid features, aiming to provide streamers with an efficient and user-friendly experience.


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Oct 20, 2023
Simple to use, and free. The clips it found save me a lot of time searching the all stream.

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Pros and Cons


Highlight detection feature
Smart editing tools
Clips Dashboard
No software installation
Save PC storage
Quick social sharing
Supports multiple games
User-friendly experience
Option for paid features
Efficient clipping of streams
Automatic best play detection
Web-based tool
Positive feedback from users
Save time for streamers
Promote live stream highlights
Compatible with major games
Free basic version
Quick exporting of clips
Ensure PC performance
No manual editing needed
Process large amount of content
No sign-up required for use
Easy addition of stream URL
Available demo version
Good for gaming community
Feedback option for game support


Limited game support
Editing tools upcoming only
No offline use
Dependent on Stream URL
Potential privacy concerns
No direct integration to streaming platforms
Doesn't support streaming platforms other than Twitch
No mobile application available


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Why is Framedrop a web-based tool?
What benefits does Framedrop have on my PC's performance and storage?
What is the Clip Dashboard in Framedrop?
How do I add my stream URL to Framedrop?
Do I need to install any software to use Framedrop?
How does Framedrop enhance the quality of my gameplays?
Are there any paid features in Framedrop?
How can I quickly access all my clips from Framedrop?
What future improvements are planned for Framedrop?
How will Framedrop's upcoming Smart Edits feature work?
How do I use the social media sharing feature in Framedrop?
Which social media platforms can I share my Framedrop clips to?
Can I use Framedrop if I don't have a stream URL?


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