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A free AI chatbot for coding, learning and more.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool primarily designed to assist users in various tasks that center around coding, learning, and expanding their knowledge.

It provides an AI chatbot named Claude, equipped with advanced processing capabilities of models like GPT-4. This tool enables users to generate images and process CSV files, adding versatility to its application.

It also extends its functions to chat with various formats such as images and PDFs. However, several features like image generation, file handling (Excel/CSV), and chat with PDFs and images are accessible only to users subscribed to their unlimited plan.

This tool's functionality can be deployed in learning environments and programming ecosystems, enabling users to have an interactive experience while simultaneously handling coding processes.

A key feature of this tool that distinguishes it from others is the ability to switch models, which can cater to specific user needs and preferences in developing more refined outputs.


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Jun 28, 2024
Sonet Claude 3.5 is available on this site for free.I tested it an it beat GPT4 in my test.What else to say
Jun 30, 2024
Does it beat Perplexity AI?

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Pros and Cons


Assists in coding tasks
Useful for learning
GPT-4 processing capabilities
Generates images
Processes CSV files
Chats with images/PDFs
Versatile application
Accessible subscription plan
Deployable in learning environments
Used in programming ecosystems
Interactive experience
Handles coding processes
Switch between models
Advanced information processing
Supports unlimited plan features


Premium-only image generation
CSV handling in paid plans
Chat with PDFs/Image restricted
Requires subscription for model switching
No free file handling features

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