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Free and private chatbot for all your needs.
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Frodo is an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot. It was developed by the company, Prototyper. The chatbot's main function is to interact with users and respond to their inquiries.

To this end, Frodo can be used for a wide variety of purposes including, but not limited to, customer service, information gathering, and processing commands or requests.

The chatbot's interactions with users are kept fully private, ensuring the confidentiality of any disclosed data. Being free to use, Frodo provides an easily accessible AI tool for both individual users and businesses.

However, despite being free, Frodo preserves a consistent quality of service, maintaining a balance between cost-effectiveness and functionality. It is not loaded by default, allowing users freedom in its utilization.

Multiple versions of the chatbot have been released, scientists constantly working on updating and improving it. The chatbot operates on AI safety rules ensuring user interaction is not harmful or unfavorable.

Frodo stands out within AI tool market with its privacy-oriented approach, thus ensuring a confident and secure user experience.


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Jun 7, 2024
Painfully SLOW !

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Pros and Cons


Free for use
Maintains data confidentiality
High-quality user interaction
Continuously updated and improved
Privacy-oriented approach
Versatile use cases
Accessible for individuals and businesses
Balances cost-effectiveness with functionality
Not loaded by default
Secure user experience
Developed by experienced company
Can process commands and requests
Multiple versions available
Great for customer service
Useful for Information gathering


Not loaded by default
Multiple versions can confuse
No mentioned integration options
Unclear update frequency
No dedicated customer support
Limited chatbot personalities
Not cached
Privacy could limit functionality
Unclear data retention policy
Free model sustainability unclear


What is Frodo?
Who developed Frodo?
What is the main function of Frodo?
Can Frodo be used for customer service?
Is Frodo capable of information gathering?
Does Frodo process commands or requests?
Is the usage of Frodo kept confidential?
What makes Frodo accessible?
Is Frodo a free to use AI tool?
How does Frodo manage to preserve quality despite being free?
Why isn't Frodo loaded by default?
Are there multiple versions of Frodo?
Who is in charge of updating Frodo?
What are the AI safety rules Frodo operates on?
How does Frodo ensure a secure user experience?
What sets Frodo apart in the AI tool market?
How does Frodo maintain data confidentiality?
Can businesses also use Frodo?
What is the purpose of the continuous updates in Frodo?
What happens when I ask Frodo anything?

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