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Discover your attractiveness and learn how to enhance it!
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MyLooks AI is an interactive tool aimed at offering users a novel perspective about their looks. It allows users to upload a selfie and swiftly receives feedback on their appearance.

This tool employs advanced artificial intelligence to provide improvement tips personalized to the unique features of the user. Beyond establishing a baseline, MyLooks AI also possesses the ability to track user's progress over time by utilizing its AI-based coaching feature.

As users implement the suggested improvement tips and continue to check in with the tool, they are able to witness their evolution, which can potentially boost confidence.

A primary strength of this tool lies in its capacity for automation and real-time interaction, minimizing the need for human intervention. MyLooks AI caters to anyone seeking guidance on enhancing their physical appearance.

User queries regarding usage, cost, technical issues, and other concerns can be managed via Twitter or email.


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MyLooks AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 3rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Instant feedback
Personalized improvement tips
Automated learning
Real-time interaction
Progress tracking
Boosts confidence
Facial recognition technology
Caters to all users
Support via Twitter and email
User-focused tool
Swift response after selfie upload
User evolution visibility
Low human intervention
Technical queries handled
Enhances physical appearance
Self-improvement tool
Novel perspective on looks
Regular check-in functionality
Interactive use


No mobile app
Limited customer support channels
Can't upload multiple photos
No team functionality
Dependent on high quality selfies
No free version
Discounts only for initial customers
Ineffective for non-facial improvements
No local language support
No offline functionality


How does MyLooks AI assess my attractiveness when I upload a selfie?
Can MyLooks AI provide personalized improvement tips?
How does MyLooks AI track progress over time?
How can MyLooks AI help me boost my confidence?
What is the role of automation in MyLooks AI?
Do I need any human intervention when using MyLooks AI?
Who are the ideal users of MyLooks AI?
How can I contact MyLooks AI for queries regarding usage, cost or other technical concerns?
Does MyLooks AI offer real-time feedback on my looks?
Can MyLooks AI enhance my physical appearance based on my unique features?
Does MyLooks AI offer AI coaching for self-improvement in terms of physical appearance?
How does MyLooks AI enable user interaction?
What is meant by automated learning in MyLooks AI?
Does MyLooks AI use Facial Recognition technology?
How can I witness my evolution with the usage of MyLooks AI?
What can MyLooks AI tell me about my attractiveness?
Can MyLooks AI help me with personal care and beauty tech?
How does MyLooks AI rank my looks?
Can I check my progress with MyLooks AI?
How interactive is MyLooks AI?

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