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Announce new features effortlessly with changelog pages and widgets.
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Olvy is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline the delivery of product updates and feature announcements to users. It enables businesses to create eye-catching standalone changelog pages and integrate announcement widgets directly into their app, ensuring users stay informed about the latest updates and enhancements.

Through Olvy, you can release updates within your app interface, enhancing visibility and user engagement. Various presentation options such as sidebar, modal, and popup display modes allow customization to suit your apps layout.

The tool also incorporates an effortless installation process involving embedding a simple script into your code. Olvy offers a no-code builder, letting you customize your changelog to align with your product image and brand.

Features like custom domain and SEO readiness make the changelog more personalized and search engine friendly, promoting greater reach and impact. Furthermore, Olvys AI component assists in writing, refining, and enhancing your releases, making your workflows smoother and more efficient.

The tool also facilitates productivity by efficiently managing and analyzing user feedback.


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Olvy Changelogs was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


In-app product announcements
Variety of in-app widgets
Completely no-code experience
Customizable changelogs
Custom CSS addition
Domain change ability
Language support
Editing releases
Fixing spelling and grammar
Integration with GitHub, Slack, Discord
Integration with Zapier
Advanced filtering
Project boards for task tracking
Provides readership statistics
Effortless installation process
SEO readiness
Supports multi-language
Efficient feedback management
Customizable appearance
Detailed release writer
Release editor
Contextual release enhancement
Categorizes releases into projects
Automates release publish
Schedules releases
User identification
Provides GraphQL API
Team collaboration feature
Efficient feedback tracking
Analytics per release
Automated email announcements
Feedback and reaction tracking
Advanced issue filtering


Dependency on third-party integrations
Potentially complex for non-technical users
Limited widget display options
No native email notification feature
Limited SEO customization
Advanced filtering only for issues
Inability to customize analytics
Requires script embedding for installation


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