Regex generation 2023-03-27
Email address extraction & pattern matching.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool designed to generate and solve regular expressions. It enables users to automate their data extraction tasks and streamline their workflow.

By inserting text and highlighting multiple strings, users can find matching regular expressions. The tool offers the functionality to remove highlighted text by clicking on it.Created by Liberty Labs, provides various "AGENT" options, such as AGENT A, AGENT B, AGENT C, and AGENT D, each with specific regular expressions patterns.

These patterns help with finding and extracting email addresses from the inserted text. Users can view all the matching email addresses based on the selected AGENT option.In addition, offers a documentation section for further guidance and learning.

The tool is associated with the web links for Discord, LinkedIn, and Twitter, which users can explore for additional information and updates.By using, users can efficiently process large amounts of text and automate the identification of specific patterns, specifically email addresses.

It eliminates the need for manual searching and extraction, saving time and effort in data handling tasks. The tool is developed by Liberty Labs and copyrighted under their ownership.

The website also mentions complying with their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, ensuring the proper usage of cookies and protecting user information.


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Regex was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates regular expressions
Streamlined workflow
Multiple string highlighting
Text removal functionality
Multiple 'AGENT' options
Versatile pattern matching
Email extraction feature
Documented guidance
Large text processing
Automated pattern identification
Time and effort saving
Ensures user data protection
Compliant with Terms of Service
Privacy Policy adherence
Devised by Liberty Labs
Automated data extraction
Multiple social platform updates


No user-friendly interface
Limited 'AGENT' options
Lacks rich regex catalog
Doesn't support multiple languages
Limited pattern matching options
Unsuitable for complex patterns
No API integration
No evident scalability options
Inclusive on text input only
Limited guidance and resources


What is
Who developed
How does work?
What are the main functionalities of
What's the difference among the AGENT A, AGENT B, AGENT C, and AGENT D in
What is the main purpose of
How can I use to extract email addresses?
Can process large amounts of text?
How can automate my data extraction tasks?
Does provide any sort of documentation or learning resources?
Is there a term of service that I must comply with when using
How does safeguard my personal information?
How can I remove highlighted text in
What are the social media platforms linked to
How can streamline my workflow?
Can I find specific patterns in texts using
Where can I try out
What kind of patterns do's AGENTS look for?
Is efficient in searching and extracting data?
Are there any additional features announced or coming soon in


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